St Bernadette’s RC PS Track Coverage of the Experiences and Outcomes

Marianne Savage, principal teacher at St Bernadette’s RC PS has created Microsoft Publisher poster versions of the experiences and outcomes at first and second levels of Curriculum for Excellence. She developed these from the South Ayrshire Early Years Annual overview document below. Marianne has very kindly agreed to share these (now converted into PDF format to ease access – you will need to assemble the pages and enlarge the documents if printing):

Early Level South Ayrshire Annual Overview       First Level 

 Second Level sheet 1                                             Second Level sheet 2

Marianne’s head teacher, Cathy Quinn,  had these printed A2 size by Printworks so that staff throughout the school could highlight the E & Os being addressed by learning and teaching. Staff use colour coding to monitor coverage via this simple tracking system and record the levels of breadth and depth achieved. Click here to visit St Bernadette’s school blog, and contact Marianne or Cathy on 01324 503400 for more information.

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