What is good interdisciplinary teaching and learning?

The latest national guidance we have on the features of good interdisciplinary learning offers the following list:

  1. Starts with the experiences and outcomes, carefully selected within a few curriculum areas.
  2. Clear success criteria focus the intended learning, within & across the experiences & outcomes.
  3. Connections between disciplines within the IDL are clear & meaningful.
  4. Learning does not become “lost” within the context.
  5. Purpose, benefits & types of IDL are carefully considered & understood by all.
  6. Planning clearly shows where children are applying existing knowledge & understanding.
  7. Children can discuss connections, compare & contrast contributions of different curriculum areas, useĀ & develop higher-order thinking skills
  8. Progression is clear across the different curriculum areas.
  9. A whole-school framework/overview of IDL is developed to ensure progression & coherence.
  10. Assessment is planned as an integral part of learning & teaching, based around the success criteria.
  11. Principles of curriculum design are used to inform teacher’s decisions about organising learning & their evaluations.

These were defined in a presentation by Graeme Logan and Joanne MacLauchlan in December 2012.

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