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Subject Development Work in Falkirk’s Secondary Schools

As newly appointed Curriculum Suport Officer (Secondary) for the CS Team I have responsibility for orgnanising the ‘Curriculum Manager’s Groups’ that bring together Principal Teachers/Faculty Heads from across the authority to discuss, share and generally raise standards for their subject areas.

In addition to this responsibility I also have a role in working with the SQA Nominees that we have appointed to work on behalf of Falkirk Council. Last year 35 Nominees were selected through a rigorous application and interview process and are now being deployed to various panel events and school visits to moderate assessments for the new National Qualifications.

In light of the recent devlopments in Nationals (1-5), and the imminent implimentation of the new Highers, it was felt that the authority would benefit from the creation of ‘Subject Development Groups’ to drive forward subject specific work in the council and these will replace CMG meetings for 2 of the 4 scheduled slots for the year.

Principal Teachers will have an important role to play in these groups, as will the relevant SQA Nominees who can bring first hand experience of the verification process.

Intitial Subject Development Group meetings will be held at the end on November and then a second meeting in late February. I look forward to updating you with the porgress of these groups later in the year.

For more information on Curriculum Managements Groups, Subject Developments Groups or SQA Nominees, please contact me via email; gillian.campbell@falkirk.gov.uk