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Larbert High School 16 Days of Action

Larbert High School pupils enjoyed the challenge of selling baking and merchandise to raise awareness and support for the White Ribbon 16 days of Action Campaign.

The 16 days of action campaign which raises awareness of domestic violence has been driven forward by a dedicated group of pupils from Larbert High School along with the support of their teacher, Stacey McMichan and school based Police Officer, Alan Imrie. In keeping with the campaign, pupils at Larbert High School have had the opportunity to sign a pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about domestic violence. School teacher Stacey McMichan said “Domestic violence is a huge problem in society. We hope that by raising awareness of this in a school environment we can highlight to young people the importance of acceptable behaviour in a relationship. By exploring this topic, the pupils will be better equipped as adults to recognise relationships which are not healthy and to speak out against abuse. I am aware that this topic may be sensitive for some pupils, and throughout the campaign we have encouraged pupils to speak to guidance staff or PC Imrie if they need any advice or support with any issues raised”In the New Year the school has plans to further develop the understanding of domestic violence, with trained staff delivering classroom inputs.

Further information can be found on this subject at www.whiteribbonscotland.org.uk.