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Changes to the GTCS Standards

Hazel Cunningham, Probationer Supporter at Falkirk Council Curriculum Support  Team, has completed a project as part of her To Lead or Not To Lead programme on the changes to the GTCS Standards for Full Registration. After thorough professional dialogue with a wide variety of Falkirk Council teaching staff and an in-depth Needs Analysis, she has produced a powerpoint and guidelines which have been distributed to all Headteachers in the authority. The resource can be used to train staff on the main changes in the new GTCS Standards for full Registration which are a mandatory requirement or it can be used to support self-evaluation as part of Professional Update. For further information please contact Hazel at

The resource can be accessed here.

Guidelines can be accessed here.

The new Standards for Full Registration

Hazel Cunningham, Primary Probationer Supporter, Service and School Improvement Team is currently undertaking a To Lead or Not to Lead project on effective transition between the old and new Standards for Full Registration. 

The aims of the project are:

*  to raise awareness across Falkirk teaching staff of the main changes in the new Standards for Full Registration

* to support colleagues in analysing the differences between the old and new Standards for Full Registration in order for them to adapt their practice

* to provide an overview for managers of the main changes to enable more effective Quality Assurance and focused CPD

The focus so far has been gathering evidence of what people already know about the changes in the new Standards and looking at the best way to provide information to a wide audience of people.  Twilight sessions have been run on ‘Working with the Revised Standards’ (August 2013) and input given at the PT Network meeting (Sept 2013), Curriculum Support Team meeting (Nov 2013), Early Careers Network (Jan 2014) and DHT Network (Jan 2014).  Feedback from courses provided so far has been positive –  “a very worthwhile course in developing my knowledge and understanding of the GTCS Standards.  I feel I have gained knowledge which I can pass onto my colleagues through ERD and CAT sessions” (PT Network Meeting).


PTs analyse the new Standards


By the end of the project Hazel aims to have a package which can be used by schools to support delivery of CAT sessions on the New Standards eg. presentation or poster.

To influence the outcome of this project, post your responses to the following questions:

* How much do you already know about the New Standards ?

* What other support or information would benefit you in your present role ?

* How might this information best be conveyed to Falkirk’s teachers ?

For any further information on the project please contact Hazel Cunningham at