Glenbervie Kindergarden – Outdoor Learning

Karen Thomson, Senior Early Years Offcier, Falkirk Council Curriculum Supoprt Team has been supporting Glenbervie Kindergarden who are the latest private partner nursery to start using NHS Larbert Woods on a regular basis.  Following a parent session on 14th August children aged 3 and 4 are now accessing the site weekly.  The children walk from the nursery and stay on site for approximately 2 hours before begnning their walk home.  Staff were amazed how well the children have managed this and noticed an increase in their stamina and energy even at the end of a busy session.

During the session on 21st August the children explored the environment and found some very interesting features to play – especially a large puddle.

The staff are also listening to the children’s interestes and some of the children found a hole which they believed to be a fox hole.  A conversation about other nocturnal animals then evolved with all children taking part – this is now something that the nursery can take forward as a topic and be able to make it relevant for the children because of their visit to the woods.

All children had great fun – although I am sure the washing machine might have been pushed to the limits!

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  1. Superb to read this. I am sure the intention is for all youngsters across all spectrums of care and educational provision to have such strong play and learning opportunities in the outdoors.

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