A Curriculum for Eggsellence!

Egg Incubator
Live Stream of the Egg Incubator

Shieldhill Primary School are eggs-ploring the life cycle of chickens through their Living Eggs Project- and now they’ve become Internet stars with their own live show! The project, following the development and incubation of the eggs through to hatching, is being streamed live over the Internet. The live video stream, facilitated by Stuart Lennie of the Curriculum Support Team, allows the pupils and a worldwide audience to monitor the process via the school website.

The eggs are on the verge of hatching, so pupils and staff are now able to keep “round-the-cluck” surveillance on the eggs from school or at home!

The streaming service is free to use, and can easily be adapted to other projects, so tune in while it’s going “cheep”!

To view the stream, click on: http://www.shieldhill.falkirk.sch.uk/ and click on the “Living Eggs Webcam” link.

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