Technologies in the Classroom Group

Falkirk Council Education Services is about to embark on a significant year of change with regards ICT in the Classroom, so in order to involve staff in in educational establishments in this process a Technologies in the Classroom group has been formed, facilitated by Stuart Lennie and Malcolm Wilson of the Curriculum Support team, along with Roy Robotham, ICT Programme Manager.

January 2013 will see the start of several major technology improvement projects. These are:

  • a review of Internet Filtering policies (with specific reference to YouTube for possible pupil use)
  • the rollout of wireless infrastructure in education, allowing support for Council and personal devices
  • data protection guidance for staff
  • the implementation of the next iteration of Glow
  • methods for sharing and supporting technology use in education

In order to involve staff in this process a Technologies in the Classroom group has been formed. The group is made up of keen teachers and support staff from all stages of education, who have agreed to give some time towards ensuring that ICT in Falkirk Council Education establishments is meeting the needs of pupils.

The group will meet regularly, mainly online, and will work with pupils, parents, and colleagues to produce guidance documentation and materials to support and implement change.

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