Values: partnerships, teamwork and communication

Working together

Our ethos at the centre is to create a responsive caring environment, encouraging mutual respect and developing positive relationships. We recognise the importance of parents/carers as children’s first educators and it is important to us that we establish and maintain effective partnerships together in order to further children’s development and learning.

We provide frequent opportunities for communication and exchange of information including open sessions and individual meetings, making use of notice boards, wall displays, “Big Books” and personalised “Learning Journals” to document children’s time at the centre.

Supporting holistic development

Reflecting familiar routines to those used at home, we establish care routines which are flexible and responsive to children’s emotional and physical needs, ensuring a high standard of care with regards to health, safety and hygiene.

We provide high quality early learning and childcare opportunities and experiences, as well as carefully selected and well organised activities appropriate to each child’s needs.

Development and learning through play

We endeavor to create a stimulating and challenging environment, both indoors and outdoors, whilst ensuring that childcare and learning are effectively integrated to meet children’s individual needs.

We provide a good balance between activities chosen by children and those chosen by adults. We are responsive to children’s individual needs and interests, supporting progression in their holistic learning and development.

Resources and provision

We endeavor to provide a safe, secure, hygienic, pleasant and stimulating environment, where resources are well matched to the needs and interests of the children.

Children are given appropriate support and opportunities for challenge, both indoors and outdoors in environments that provide stimulating, enjoyable and challenging experiences, enabling independent and active learning.