Unexpected Closures

It may be necessary, occasionally, to close the school at short notice and send the pupils home, for example, in exceptionally bad weather or if the electricity, water or heating fails.  If parents are not regularly at home   during school hours, they should always make arrangements to have someone available to receive their children should such an emergency occur.  The school asks each parent at the point of enrolment and every August thereafter to provide the address and/or telephone number of a person who can be contacted in these circumstances.  Please ensure this information is kept updated and notify the school of any changes.

In the event of severe weather conditions materialising overnight – we will, after consulting with bus  drivers, put out a notice on Radio nan Gaidheal and Isles FM between 8.00am and 8.30am. It should be noted however, that in the event of severe gales, the school will only exercise an emergency closure if  children are deemed to be at risk from remaining in school or if the transport operators inform us that conditions have worsened to the extent that they are unable to carry out their duties. A copy of the Policy on Disruption to Education on Account of Bad Weather may be found at:- 


 Parents should also feel free to contact the school if they are concerned about the safety of the  children  because of severe weather conditions and are free to call for them at any time.

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