Travel To and From School

Primary School Children living two miles or more from school and Secondary School Children living three miles or more from school are entitled to free transport.  Children who are not eligible for free transport will have to pay a contribution towards the cost of transport if they make use of it.  It will be possible for parents to:

 ¨ buy weekly books of tickets or

                                         ¨ purchase a termly pass or

                                         ¨ purchase a session pass.

 Payment for the above can be made by direct debit if parents wish.  The overall price is the same regardless of which method parents choose – i.e. there is no cost penalty for choosing to pay weekly or monthly.

 There is also a system of stepped discounts for families with more that one child travelling to school.

 It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child arrives at the pick up point on time and behaves in a safe and acceptable manner while boarding, travelling in and leaving the vehicle.  Children who misbehave can lose their right to home to school transport.

 It should be noted that under guidelines issued in October 2002, the transport operator is responsible for taking reasonable care of the children on the bus. We are very fortunate to have extremely caring drivers who take an interest in the children and are concerned for their welfare. Our drivers ensure that pupils board and alight safely at pick-up and drop-off points.

 Pupils are also expected to follow the  behaviour code for travel on the bus, details of which have been issued to parents in the information guide “School Transport – A Guide for Parents and Pupils.” A copy of this     information guide may be found at:-

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