Mobile Phone Policy

1. Bernera Primary School generally discourages parents for allowing and pupils from bringing mobile phones or other valuable items to the school, on the grounds that they may get lost or stolen. If a phone or other valuable item is brought to the school, parents are advised that, where possible, the items should be marked in some way to aid future identification if lost and subsequently found.

 2. If a pupil does bring a mobile phone to school, the phone must remain switched off during the school day and may not be used on school premises, grounds, or during off-site curricular activities (such as   swimming or other sports activities). The only exceptions to this will be on school trips, where the school will have the discretion to allow pupils to carry and use phones if they wish (e.g. during planned solo activities), in emergencies, or with the express approval of a member of school staff.

 3. If a pupil is found by a member of staff to be using a mobile phone for any purpose, without authorisation, the phone will be confiscated from the pupil and will generally only be returned to the pupil’s parent.

 4. However, mobile phones may be returned directly to the pupil:

 a) On a first breach, if it is clear that the pupil did not understand the school’s policy on the use of mobile phones;


 b) In a situation where there is genuine concern that the pupil requires the phone directly after the school day on security, health and safety or similar grounds;


 c) On receipt of a signed authorisation from the parent, where travel or other issues make it difficult for the parent to attend the school to receive the phone.

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