Medical Care for Pupils

Parents should inform the school without fail of any relevant medical history e.g. asthma, epilepsy, diabetes etc. of which teachers should be aware. 

The Head Teacher and two School Assistants are trained in First Aid and hold First Aid At Work certificates. The Nursery Key Worker also holds a basic certificate in First Aid. 

Any pupil who feels unwell in class should inform the class teacher who will make arrangements to seek medical advice if necessary.  In some cases it may be necessary to send your child home but this will only be done after contact has been made with the parent/guardian/emergency contact to make arrangements, including suitable transport.

 The Public Health Nurse, visits the school annually for Primary 1 health checks.  Parents are informed in advance of these medical checks and asked for their consent.

 Where pupils have particular and very specific needs, members of staff, including the Head Teacher, have been trained in specific medical procedures in order to care appropriately for these pupils. The  competency of   members of staff to undertake such procedures is regularly assessed by staff trainers from NHS Western Isles.

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