P2c Assembly

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the sound issues we had at our assembly this afternoon. The sound system and microphones had been checked this morning before Primary 2a’s assembly, and had been working. I don’t know what happened in the meantime.

I’ve attached below a copy of our assembly script and PowerPoint, showing the different things the children wanted to share with you.

Kind regards,

Gordon Edge

Homework (w/b 17th February)

Task Sheet:

Digital copies of our ‘Spelling Menu’, Mental Maths Booklet and ‘Hundred’s Square’ are available in the ‘Class Information’ drop down menu, under ‘Homework’.

Homework (w/b 3rd February)

Task Sheet:

Digital copies of our ‘Spelling Menu’ and Mental Maths Booklet are available in the ‘Class Information’ drop down menu, under ‘Homework’.

Virtual Reality: World Climates

Primary 2 were delighted to get the chance to explore lots of different climates around the world using our virtual reality headsets 🌍 🏝 🏞 🌒

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School Show Auditions 2020

Lion King Auditions 2020

P2c Allotment: Planting Strawberries & Lavender, and Encouraging Wildlife.

This week we’ve been planting strawberries and lavender in our allotment, and installing a ‘ladybird tower’ to encourage wildlife to our garden space 🍓🐞🌿

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PE/Outdoor Learning Kit Items

Hi everyone,

We’ve gone through our PE/Outdoor Learning Kits to see if we’re missing any items. We’ll send home emails in the next few days with notes of anything that your child is missing.

If you’ve brought any items in during the past week you can cross them off the list 🙂

Thank you,


Literacy & Activities & Reading Recommendations

Here’s some photos from our literacy activities this week.

This week the children have moved onto a new, more challenging, level of reading books, which you’ll notice in the books sent home next week. 📖

The children are welcome to borrow any of the library books in the classroom if they’d like to read them at home, and I’ve attached below a list of books recommended for P1-3 if you’re looking for any ideas 📚

Reading Recommendations (P1-P3)

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Play: Lego

By special request, today tons of Lego arrived for us to use in our play 😀 📦

Abstract Art

In P2c we’ve been looking at the abstract work of South Korean artist ‘Serena’ and exploring different media and technologies we can use to create artwork. Here we created our own versions of one of her pieces using a range of tools and techniques.

Click on the video below if you would like to give it a try yourself 🙂