Homework Task Sheet for week beginning Monday 17th February 2020

17.2.20 Homework Task Sheet

Gathering information

P6c were getting excited about their new topic today. We spent some time gathering information  about what we know now and what we would like to find out. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting study!

P6c had a new teacher today

Today we welcomed a new teacher to our class, Mr Tobia. He shared his learning and expertise with us and taught us how to calculate the area of a compound shape. We thought he was a very good teacher; he was clear and confident in his subject. Thank you Mr Tobia!

Homework Task Sheet for Week Beginning Monday 3rd February 2020

3.2.20 Homework Task Sheet

Chinese New Year Festival



We have been learning about the Chinese New Year Festival in class. This Sunday in George Square there will be a free celebration event  between 1130 hours and 1300 hours. The event is unticketed and promises to be an afternoon “full of colour and sound; with a traditional lion dance, live martial arts display, Chinese dance performances and more…” Sounds like an interesting and fun event if you are free.


A huge thank you to Siddharth for teaching us about the festival of Pongal today. We really enjoyed his presentation and were impressed with how confident and knowledgeable he was.

If anyone else would like to share their knowledge of a religious festival with us then just let Mrs Smart know.

Scotland Street School trip

Today we visited Scotland Street School museum and “enjoyed” experiencing life as a pupil at a Victorian school in 1884 but are very glad to be back in 2020.



School Show Auditions 2020

Lion King Auditions 2020

Homework Task Sheet for week beginning Monday 27th January 2020

27.1.20 Homework Task Sheet

School Show Application 2020