Fantastic Learning in P1B!

Welcome to our latest blog post!


Over the past few weeks we have been working on developing our writing skills!

We have had so much fun creating imaginative stories and drawing pictures to match. We have been brainstorming lots of ideas and working hard to sound out the letters of the words we want to write.

Our story this week was all about what we would see if we visited space! We spoke about using rockets to get there and also discussed the possibilities of aliens living there!

We also always try to make sure we use finger spaces! This helps us when we read our story to someone else.

Writing our stories was so much fun that we decided to make our own aliens using play dough and also using lots of different art materials.

We have nearly finished learning all of our single sounds! Now we are moving on to learning phonemes which include ‘oa’, ‘ie’ and ‘or’.

All of this practice is helping us to improve our ability to blend sounds to read words.

Numeracy and Maths

Recently we have been exploring lots of elements of maths! We have been learning about measure, estimation and addition as well as revisiting our knowledge of patterns and shape!

Learning all of these new things has helped us to consolidate our ability to count, sequence and order numbers as well as finding the missing number!

We had so much fun making our own number line and jumping to the number to show one less and one more than a given number!

Outdoor Learning

Learning outside has been so much fun! We have been able to apply the skills we have learned in the classroom to our outdoor area.

We had so much fun ordering sticks and acorns according to their size!

We also practiced our rhyming words, drawing pictures of them and writing the words.

Making a number line using stones too!

While we were outside it started to rain so we decided to hide under the shelter.  We had to work as a team to stop the water from pouring through the holes in the tarpaulin!

Great work P1B!

We love learning in P1A

Numeracy and Mathematics.

We set up a toy shop in our class to learn about how we use money to pay for different things. We used 1p pieces to show different amounts.

We ordered numbers correctly to allow our rocket to blast off into space.

We enjoyed creating and extending patterns with the natural materials we found outdoors.

Literacy and English

We enjoyed exploring  different CVC words and took time to practice them and sound them out.

We used books to help create a list of rhyming words.

We made alliteration books.

We enjoy writing for lots of different reasons, using a wide range of materials and media.

We used different items from around our room to make numbers and letters.

We love working together and are great at team work.

Science – Space

We created a control panel for our space centre.

And enjoyed using the area to act out lots of different space scenarios.




Super Learning Continues in 1c!

Welcome back to our blog! We hope you enjoy viewing all of our learning experiences in the last two weeks!

Modern Languages

We have been learning how to greet one another in French and how to use simple phrases. We are continuing to practice how to ask how are you and learning how to respond to it.

Numeracy and Mathematics

We have started to explore Data Handling. We are learning how to sort information through different ways.


We have been learning all about addition and attempting to complete addition sums mentally!

We know when we add zero, it doesn’t have an affect on our sum. We are amazing at writing and recording our own sums too!

Doubles…! Doubles are when you add two numbers together which are the same. We are amazing at recalling addition sums which are doubles.

We use beads to help us count faster! We know to count on from a number rather than starting at one.

We are continuing to practice subitizing as we want to be extremely fast at recognising an amount of different objects extremely fast without having to count.

Counting out numbers, finding the missing numbers and sequencing has become so easy!


We are becoming extremely creative in our Writing! We spent time learning and reading the book called the Leaf Man. From this story, we sourced different things from outside such as leaves and acorns to create our own story.

We are ensuring to use finger spaces and to use our sounds to blend and sound out words.

In another writing activity, we read the book Aliens Love Underpants. This story was so amusing we wanted to write about it and create our own alien.

Now that we have nearly finished learning all of our single sounds, we have moved on to learning phonemes such as ‘oa’ and ‘ai’!

Also, we are becoming stronger in our skill to sound, spell and read small words!


We are becoming extremely skilled at using different softwares on a computer or laptop! We created a drawing of ourselves and wrote our name!

Outdoor Learning

We explored the story of the Leaf Man outdoors too! Using the story frames we used loose parts to recall the story.

Using leaves and sticks, we wanted to create different characters from the book to create puppets.

Harry is enjoying reading a book!

We came across apples and attempted to slice them. After being carefully shown how to cut an apple, we managed to do it independently and safely.

Ruairidh drew and designed a castle for the leaf man!

Leo and Retal were exploring how to balance on different objects.


Recently, we have just started Gymnastics. We have been exploring different ways to create a balance. With a partner, we have also been creating amazing sequences!


Lots of Learning in P1B!

Since returning from the October week break, we have been working so hard in all learning areas!

In Literacy, we are continuing to improve our ability to blend sounds!

Now that we have learned lots of single sounds we are working hard to blend them together to read words and also make CVC words on our own.

We have been revisiting our knowledge of rhyme! We have had lots of fun playing rhyming games and spotting the odd rhyme out.

Numeracy and Maths

We have been working hard to make numbers in different ways, we have been doing this using cubes, numicon and even Mickey Mouse! This is helping us to begin to develop our adding skills. As well as all of this, we have been working hard to find the number before and after.

We have also been using the BeeBots to learn about direction. We worked hard to move them forwards, backwards, diagonal and to the side.

Other Areas

We had our first French lesson! We used this as an opportunity to share anything we could remember from nursery,  everyone could remember lots!

We coloured in the French flag and practiced having small conversations with a partner in French. We were able to say hello, how are you and good bye!

In gym, we have started to learn gymnastics!

We had lots of fun moving our bodies in different ways and practicing our balancing skills by walking along the bench. We discussed different ways we could jump off safely to the land on the mat.

We have been having so much fun learning outside. We have been using our imaginations to create lots of different role-play activities.

Last week, we worked together to create a pirate ship! We had to work as a team to move lots of the outdoor resources to do this. We also used treasure maps to follow directions and created our own.

Here we are creating a pirate story! We had lots of ideas about pirates, pirate ships and hunting for treasure. We drew pictures to show our story but also tried to write a super sentence! We were so excited to share our stories with the rest of the class afterwards.

As well as using our imaginations we enjoy developing our literacy and numeracy skills outdoors! We do this by practicing letter and number formation, making number lines and practicing making words.

We had so much fun learning a dance routine at the Strictly Kids Event! It was lots of fun and we raised lots of money for charity.

Well Done P1B!

Well done P1a!

We are all working really hard and making super progress in all curricular areas!


In Literacy we  have been playing lots of games including ‘Spin the bottle’ to practise our blending skills.











We have been ‘stretching out words to listen to all the sounds in them to help us to write them correctly.


































We can write simple sentences using the Rhyme World stories we have shared and enjoyed together. We like the funny characters!






Our book corner is very popular and lots of us enjoy sharing a fiction or non fiction text together.







Numeracy and Maths

We have been estimating ‘how many’ before counting carefully. We use loose parts and Numicon.
















We have been practising our adding skills , finding out how many altogether there are in 2 sets.













We wanted to learn ‘why astronauts seem to bounce on the moon.’  This was Zak’s question. We discussed what gravity is and did an experiment.  We picked 2 objects from a selection and guessed which would fall faster/slower.  We tried to test this out fairly.


















We wanted to make our own Space information books. We started be designing the front cover with a title,  illustration and author.























We went into the Woodlands and created ‘aliens’ out of playdough and natural materials.  We described our alien characters to our friends and shared where they lived and what they liked!




















Other learning

In ICT we  are learning through playing games and our keyboard and navigation skills are improving well.
















Here we are exploring and learning in the play areas and outdoors.













Developing our problem solving skills and working together!














Chloe and Toby practised writing  letters on the wall.





The boys formed a rock band, created lyrics to a song and performed to the class!









Phew! We have been busy!

Finally here we are enjoying learning some fantastic dance moves for our ‘Day of Dance’. We were amazing at copying the moves , had lots of fun and raised money for charity!






Well done P1a you are making  super progress!

















Catch up with our Super Learning in 1c!

We have come back from the October break feeling fresh and ready to work extremely hard!


Every day we are spending time to reinforce all of our sounds through different activities. We are practicing to identify letters with the correct sound and ensure we have the correct letter formation.

We are trying hard to blend our sounds together to read words for example hat, mat, pet, log.


We have been so excited to start our reading books! Here you can see Emily and Emma have correctly sequenced a sentence. Well done!


In Numeracy we are have been learning to order different numbers from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest.

Using BeeBots we were learning about directions and positions. It was fun programming our BeeBots to move how we wanted it! For example up, down, diagonal or to the side.

Using Numicon, we are learning how to form numbers in different ways. We created a number line up to 20 as a team!

We know how to complete repeated patterns and can predict which shape or colour would come next.

We are asked tricky questions! Here we are sorting numbers which come before and after a given number.


We have been extending our knowledge about Space. One of our class questions included ‘Why does the moon change shape?’

We learnt about the different phases of the moon!

We were so keen to learn about different facts about the sun. Using these facts, we created a Sun Poster!

Also, we explored different ways in how you can travel to space!

Sarah and Harper created a great  Rocket model!

As did Freya, Emma and Rosie!

Outdoor Learning

As we were playing with all of our loose parts, we noticed that different utensils make different noises. We created a band and made our own sounds.

We discussed what beats are and rhythms and pulses!

Everyone created a fantastic birthday party! We made a huge ‘messy chocolate’ cake using outdoor materials!


Kyler is practicing his letter formation!

As a team, we worked hard to find different ways to travel across from one end of  our space to the next!

Harper and Sophie created a story about a monster they envisioned! We created a huge tent and the monster was hiding underneath it. We then wrote a story about it with a great detailed picture.

We are practicing our sounds and with our paint brushes, we were tracing the letters on the ground, tyres and walls.

We wanted to climb up higher on the palettes. We worked together to find a way to climb higher by turning the palettes around!

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to plant with Mrs Reid yesterday!

Everyone has been working so hard after the October Break!


Our Learning Journey P1A

It has been a busy time in P1a and we have all been enjoying working together and sharing our learning.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been further exploring number by making connections, completing sequences, displaying amounts, matching and creating our own number chains.

We are also enjoying using our knowledge to solve real life problems and look at how we use maths within so many different areas of our life.

We decided we wanted to learn more about Space and started by creating a 3D mind map to look at what we already know. Next we came up with some great ideas of what else we would like to find out. We came up with the following questions:

Why is it dark at night?

Why do astronauts bounce in space?

We talked about what we could do to help us investigate them and find out some answers.




We are continuing to introduce letter sounds and are keen to use them to have a go at writing simple words and sentences. We are also taking care to form our letters correctly, looking at where individual letters start and finding them in new words and within our learning environments.



Outdoor Learning

We love learning outdoors and practicing our skills in many different areas of the curriculum. We enjoyed giving and following  simple directions, exploring the woodland area and using a range of natural materials to make words and letters.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our learning journey as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.

Busy Learning in P1B!

We are still working so hard and are continuing to learn lots of new things!

We had such nice weather that we decided to take our literacy and numeracy work outside.

In literacy, we are continuing to learn our sounds. As well as this we are learning how to form these letters correctly. We are also beginning to blend these letters together in order to read words such as, sit, cat, pet and lots more!

In numeracy, we are still focusing lots on our numbers to 20. We have been practicing forming our numbers correctly and have been working hard to make sure that we can identify each of these numbers. We love exploring our numbers further through games and practical activities.

For our new topic, Space, we decided to make a list of questions of the things we wanted to learn about. We had lots of good ideas!

We decided that our first question to focus on would be, what are planets made of?

We had so much fun using a variety of different art materials to show what the planets look like. We used chalk and paint as well as coloured pens and pencils.

We also worked together as a class to complete a floor puzzle of the solar system, this helped us to understand more about the names of each planet and what they look like.

We also painted our own planets!

We had flashcards to remind us of what the planets look like and also their names. We had lots of fun painting them.

Well Done Primary 1B!

I am so proud of how hard you have worked within this short space of time. I hope you all have a wonderful October week break!


Our Amazing Learning in 1c

We are continuing to work extremely hard and be the best we can be in school! We can’t wait to show you what we have been learning!

Numeracy & Mathematics 

We are continuing to expand our knowledge for numbers up to 20 through many different learning experiences.

Using socks we created a line of numbers up to 20.

Kyler and Olivia-Rose are filling in missing numbers!

Daniel is completing a cut and stick activity for ordering numbers correctly!

We are practicing to count out objects correctly using ten frames.

We are continuing to practice the formation of numbers to ensure we can write them correctly.


We are aware of what symmetry means! We know if both sides are the same, it is symmetrical. We created a butterfly ensuring our design and pattern was symmetrical.

Outdoor Numeracy and Mathematics 

We use our imagination to apply our maths skills outdoor in a variety of ways.

Emily and Stella are choosing a number to practice the formation and then creating a dance routine with those amount of moves!

Rebecca has correctly formed a number line!

We were counting how many tyres it would take to create a castle!


We have discovered what Alliteration is! We were matching up images and exploring which sound it begins with. If two pictures started with the same sound, we knew it was Alliteration!

We are continuing to explore different sounds and learning to identify them in different words.

We are matching different images with the correct sound.

Using our knowledge we have for sounds, we are beginning to word build to create words like wig, pig…


As a class, we decided our new topic will be Space starting from next week!

We shared our existing knowledge of what we already know about space. Then shared what we want to find out and explore!

Well done Primary 1 for all your hard work!

Have a great weekend!

Learning Adventures in P1B

We have been having lots of fun learning through play these past few weeks.

In maths, we have started to learn lots of new things about shapes. We have been learning the difference between 2D and 3D shapes and have been exploring what each of the shapes look like.

We have been describing each of these shapes and have been working hard to build or create pictures using these different shapes.

While learning about shape, we have been also been continuing to improve our knowledge of number and have been working on numbers up to 20. Our ability to count, sequence and order numbers has greatly improved and we are continuing to build on this to help us count even higher!

In Literacy, we have been learning about different letters and the sounds they make. We have been learning how to form these letters and have also been discussing lots of different words which have this sound in them!

We enjoy using playdough to make these letters but we also enjoy writing them on our whiteboards!

We have had lots of fun completing different activities to help us better understand the sounds made by these letters. We have started to put these letters together to make words which is helping us to learn to read!

Not only have we been working hard in the classroom but we have also been working hard outside!

We have had lots of fun exploring the outdoors and using different resources to help us with what we have been learning during literacy and maths.

Using chalk we have been drawing pictures of rhyming words.

We have also been using our imaginations to open a Bakery!

We have been exploring letters even further by searching to find the letters in our names!

Well Done P1B!

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