P1B are working hard!

In literacy, we continue to build on our knowledge of sounds to help us improve our writing skills.

We have been practising this so much that we even made our own books! We enjoy using what we know about our sounds to help us to write. We try our best to keep our writing targets in mind such as remembering finger spaces and using capital letters and full stops correctly.

We have been sorting words into their phonemes!

For example, we know that words such as bee, free and three have the ‘ee’ sound and words such as pain, brain and gain have the ‘ai’ sound!

Roll + read games help us to improve our knowledge of phonemes.

We continue to revise our common words through a variety of games.

We have even started to think about non-fiction texts.

We have been exploring different texts to differentiate between fiction and non-fiction. We then tried to record the non-fiction facts we found within these texts!

In numeracy and maths, we continue to consolidate our number knowledge. We are becoming much faster at recalling number bonds as well as building on our stragies for addition. We are able to count on and back successfully and continue to think about numbers before and after.

We have began to learn all about subtraction! We know that by subtracting we are moving back down the number line and that our answer is going to be smaller than the other numbers.

We worked with a partner to make a tower using cubes, we then had to pick a subtraction card and take away the number of cubes to find the answer.

We were also learning how to set out these types of calculations on whiteboards by learning about the subtraction sign.

We are also consolidating our knowledge of adding 3 numbers, we enjoy using dice to help us with this!

In ICT, we have been creating images and using different features to add a variety of colours and shapes to them! We have even been learning how to add text to an image, we learned how to use the space bar to help us to include finger spaces.

Outdoors we continue to use our imaginations to take part in different role-play activities and games as well as applying what we learn in the classroom to our outdoor area.

We also enjoy working on our counting and number formation outside!

We used the palettes and pieces of wood to create a pirate ship and a stage!

We have so much fun building our teamwork skills!

Other Areas

Through our learning areas, we continue to apply a variety of different skills.

At the STEM table, we became inventors! We used a variety of resources to create/make different things.

We work on our teamwork skills by working together to complete a huge floor puzzle!

Great work P1B!

Primary 1c in Action!

Welcome back to our blog! Our blog is starting off by showing you all our learning that  has taken place through our topic of Toys!

We created our favourite toy using different materials. We used junk modelling, plastic, metal and cardboard. Most materials we used were recycled as we realise the importance of reusing diferent things!

Using digital technology, we then created our favourite toy using different tools on the computer. We are becoming more confident in being able to access different tools on the computer to make our work far more intricate.

One of our questions we wanted to learn about was how are toys made?

We then studied how toys are made. We know old toys were made out of wood and metal and new toys are made out of plastic. Here is an example of posters we made about how a toy is made.

We were so lucky to have a visitor come to see us who knew everything about toys in the past! We had the opportunity to explore toys which dated all the way from the 1920’s.

One of our favourite stories in class is ‘Toy Story’. As this book and film is all about toys we wrote a film review on it! We are becoming more confident in using our sounds to write tricky words.

Here we are sorting out old toys and new toys using our knowledge we had learnt from our visitor and non-fiction books about toys!

Within toys, we have also learnt about forces. We know that toys can either be pushed or pulled.

Other Areas:

In Numeracy, we have spent time linking our knowledge of addition and subtraction within Money. We are practising to make different amounts using coins.

Number bonds are so important! We are so fast at recalling number bonds extremely quickly. We were beating the timer to sort the number bonds under the correct number.

Numbers beyond 20 is what we are all continuing to practice too! We are practising to ensure we write the number correct way!

We are also beating the timer to sort the number bonds under the correct number!

When we are outdoors, we also practice completing addition questions!

Also Outdoors, as a team we were creating a huge tent!

Within our tent, we wanted water to travel within the the middle of it. We worked hard to find different resources that would work to travel water from the top to the bottom!

We used bamboo shoots that were held between the fences and were secure. This allowed for water to travel all the way to the middle and we used a white tub to collect the water that was pouring down. The crates were used to help us reach the bamboo shoots!

Stay tuned to see what learning takes place in our class next time :)!

Leading our learning in P1A

We have been investigating forces to look at what makes toys work, move or go. We have discovered that some toys work by the force of being pushed or pulled. Some toys use more than one force and are powered by winding up, batteries or electricity. We have enjoyed sharing our ideas about our own toys and sorting a range of different toys.

In maths we have been working on subtraction, number bonds and number sequences. We have been using an interesting range of materials and resources to allow us to develop further our concept of number.

In literacy we are improving our writing and enjoy using our skills to write for a range of different purposes such as creating books, lists, sentences, cards and stories. We have also been sorting words by sounds and finding information in non fiction texts.

In drama and dance we have been using movement and mime to explore how we can create a range of different shapes with our bodies and tell a story through movement. We have been icicles, dinosaurs, puppets and stars. We have created a range of sequences working in pairs, small groups and as a whole class.






In P.E, through gymnastics we have been looking at developing our understanding of different types of rolls, jumping, using apparatus and controlling our bodies.

We hope you have enjoyed sharing our learning.


Super Progress in P1B!


Our ability to recognise single sounds and phonemes has improved so much! We continue to develop these in order to help us improve our reading and writing skills.

Here we are working together to create a story using lots of mixed up sentences, we had to work together to read the words to decide if it made sense!

We are working together to test our knowledge of tricky words.

We have been exploring unseen texts. This is helping us to expand our vocabulary and to allow us to use what we know about our sounds to read new words.

We then shared with our friends why we chose this book and even tried reading a little bit of it to them!

We are consolidating our knowledge of phonemes! We love to read, write and draw lots of these words.

Roll and Read games also help us to test our phoneme knowledge!


We are building our number knowledge by using lots of different strategies for addition. We have moved from using materials like cubes and counters to using number lines!

We are also consolidating our knowledge of number bonds.

We have been revising our knowledge of 2D shape, we can identify circles, triangles, squares and rectangles and discuss their features.

We are also able to decide what shape some items are and group them according to their shape!

Other Areas

At the STEM table we have been thinking about measuring the weight of different items. We have investigated this by measuring things like tins, rulers, feathers and rocks to decide if they were heavy or light!

In the role-play we have created our own hairdressers! We have been using our writing skills to help us make appointment lists!

We continue to develop our team work skills when working as a team to build in the construction area!

Outdoor Learning

Outside, we focused on measure, specifically weight and length. We had to measure  materials and decide if they were long, or short.

We even measured our own height, ordering ourselves from the smallest person to the tallest person!

When measuring weight, we held lots of different items to decide if they were heavy, or light.

We love being creative outside too! We even set up our own shop to sell some of the ice we found in our outdoor area. Each piece of ice was different in size so we created different prices for each one!

Here, Ross is building a boat!

Myla and Joe are measuring the puddles made by the melted ice!

Well Done P1B! Keep up the great work!

P1a working and learning

Toys Workshop

As part of our new Toys topic we had a visiting workshop from a museum.  We discussed what we knew about toys from the past and looked at lots of old toys and modern toys-sorting and comparing them. We explored and played with them. Some were skills toys, puzzle toys and some were construction toys.  Some toys were over 100 years old! We were shown how to use the whip and peerie! We enjoyed listening to stories about toys from the past. We learned how glass marbles came to be a toy after they were used in  codd bottles and children wanted to play with them!









































































































We are continuing to work on learning to use sounds we know to read and write words. We are enjoying sharing a book together and helping each other with any tricky words.


















We are learning to write tricky common words and like to test each other!







We have been sequencing pictures from our reading books to show we know what happens and using the pictures to retell the story.








We also have sentences which are jumbled and we have to reorder the words so that it makes sense.














We have been using reading games to sort phoneme words and read them. We think up a sentence using some of the words to tell our partner.
















We can use our word wall to make sentences from our reading book.












Numeracy and Mathematics

We have been working hard to learn our number stories.





























We are learning the number bonds to 10 off by heart.

Other learning

In gymnastics we have been balancing on different parts of our bodies and trying to balance with just 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 parts of our bodies touching the floor.  We are very imaginative thinking of different ways. We also create mirror images of our partners chosen balance.





















We use the benches and mats to create a sequence of movements, using different ways to travel across the bench, jumping and landing in our Y, V, T, tuck and star shapes.

























Here are more photos of us exploring and learning.


















Well done P1a!

Welcome to our First Blog of 2019 in 1C!

We are so excited to be back at school! As always, we are continuing to work hard through all learning experiences.


We are becoming much more faster at recognising phonemes (such as ai, ie, oa and ee) within tricky words. We are using our knowledge of sounds to help read these tricky words!

To help us learn, we play many different activities by using magnetic letters and roll and read games.

We are reading unseen texts to help us become faster at recognising phoneme words.

Within Writing, we are using our sounds to create sentences. We are trying to remember to use a capital letter at the start of the sentence and a full stop at the end with good finger spaces.

In the sand area, we are creating stories. Every story needs a character therefore we made some in the sand using different materials.

Common words are words which we use in all of our sentences everyday. We practice to read and write them correctly.

Numeracy and Mathematics 

In Maths, we have became so confident in our number bonds, we are now able to use this skill to add sums beyond 20.

We are using different strategies to add three numbers together. As we know our number bonds so well, we are able to complete these sums with effectively.

As number bonds are so important, we play different games and activities to ensure we can make number bonds correctly for a given number.

Numbers to 100 are super tricky! However, with practice we are becoming much more able at being able to sequence numbers to 100.

We have made numbers using blocks!

Outdoor Learning 

We were using different outdoor materials to help complete tricky addition questions.

We created a stable see-saw !

As a team, we worked together to make a den. We used our problem solving to skills to make sure it was stable, had a roof which didn’t fall and ensured it was safe.

We created a ‘water machine’. We worked together to make the water travel across different beams at different speeds.

We also mark make and create stories outdoors!


We are completing obstacles courses within Gymnastics. We are using our skills we have learned to complete the course. Such as balancing, completing different travelling movements and doing forward/backward rolls from a bench.

Welcoming a Baby

We have  just completed our topic for Welcoming a Baby! We were learning different traditions which take place in different religions.

Here we were exploring Christianity and explored churches, gowns and baptism within this religion.

We will begin our new topic of ‘Toys’ this week! We planned our topic together as everyone wrote down what we already knew about toys. Then we created questions on what we would like to learn throughout our topic.


Super busy start to 2019!

Over the last week and a half we have been settling back into our classroom routines!


We are continuing to develop our knowledge of our single sounds, phonemes and common words. This helps us lots when we are reading but also when we are writing.

We are working on decoding words further by sorting out mixed up sentences. To help us with this we look for the word with a capital letter for the start of the sentence and make sure that a full stop is at the end.

We have also been exploring new reading books which is helping us to widen our vocabulary.

We have been working on identifying, writing and making our common words. We play lots of different games to help us with this.

Letter formation is also super important!

Developing our skills of identifying single sounds has helped us lots to identify CVC words!

We are now able to read and write trickier words. Here we are reading flashcards and writing out the words.

We also enjoy playing ‘roll and read’ games to test our knowledge of our phonemes.

We did some writing all about what we did on Christmas day or during the school holidays! Our alphabet mats and common word mats help us with this.

Numeracy and Maths

We have been revisiting and building on our number knowledge.

We have been doing further work on addition using different strategies to help us such as counting with our fingers or using number lines, we also enjoy using concrete materials to give us a visual of the calculation. We also challenge ourselves by adding 3 numbers together!

We have  been focusing lots on number bonds too. This is when we are given a number and we can state which two numbers added together make this total.

Here we are ordering numbers!

Other Areas


In Gym we are continuing to work on our gymnastics skills! We have been working on our balance, our posture and have even been practising some manouvres such as forward rolls! This week we created a short obstacle course to demonstrate our skills and to show how well we can control our body movements.

Out in the MUGA we have been playing team games developing our team work skills. We also love playing racing games!


We decided as a class that our new topic would focus on toys! We shared with our friends what we already know about toys and then worked hard to decide what we would like to find out.

To introduce us to this topic we had a circle time activity which allowed everyone to share what their favourite toy was. We then asked  questions such as ‘why is it your favourite toy?’ and ‘what does it look like?’. It was lots of fun!

Great work P1B!





Happy New Year!

This week we have been enjoying sharing our holiday stories and we talked a lot about some of the new toys we got. We decided it would good to learn more about toys and are going to make it our next topic.

We started with a 3D mind map to look at what we already know and have come up with some great questions to help us learn more, such as ………

“How are toys made?” Harris

“What are toys made of?” Darcy

“What type of toys are there.” Tia

“How do toys move?” Steven

“Wind-up toys are from the olden days, what other old toys are there?” Joshua

We are looking forward to sharing the answers with you as our topic develops.

In maths we have been exploring number patterns, solving addition calculations, looking at number bonds, using mirrors and symmetry to draw the other half of a picture and exploring symmetry in nature whilst outdoors.


In literacy we have been writing sentences, we hear, carefully sounding out each word and creating some sentences of our own. Our increased knowledge of sounds, phonemes and common words is a great help. We have also been looking at rhyming patterns and using our reading books to find information in a text. We also wrote some fantastic stories about toys who were ill.

In the construction area a team of our finest archietects worked together to design and build a house!

In P.E we are developing our skills of object control and team work.



Exploring outdoors…….

“ I made pokemon cupcakes.” Sarah

“I am making a potion.” Zak







“This is how you climb down. “ Ben

“We are doing an experiment.” Subhan

“ Look at our wooden floor.” Toby

“ We made a slide.” Gaby

Here are some pictures of other things we have been enjoying this week…..





Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 1c!

Welcome back to our blog! In the run up to Christmas we have continued to work extremely hard.


We were creating Christmas cards for our family using different materials. We were using our phoneme mat to help us sound out tricky words!

We are becoming much faster at recognising all of the different phonemes. We are creating words with different sounds and identifying the correct picture to match the correct sound.

With our magnetic letters and on the eazel, we are practising how to read and spell out our common words such as my, me, the, said and can.

We have created a rhyming word bank with words that end in -an!

Using our imagination, we were writing a story using the props at the tuff spot. We remember to use finger spaces and a full spot when writing sentences.

Here we have done an amazing job at creating a word bank with different phonemes.

Ben was doing a fantastic job at creating words with ‘oo’ sound!

As a group, we were decoding tricky words with phonemes. We were reading, writing and drawing the correct picture which matched the word.

Numeracy and Mathematics 

We have been learning about number bonds and what they are! We have been using our problem solving skills to create different sums to make a number i.e. number bonds for 5 include 5+0, 3+2, 2+3.

We are becoming much faster at adding two numbers together as we are putting the bigger number within our head and counting on.

We have also revisited repeating patterns but this time they have been more complex to complete!

In Measurement and Weight, we have been exploring different objects to decipher which one is the heaviest and lightest. We have also been using non-standard units to measure items using cubes, paper clips.


We were exploring different ways to greet people in French. We created a Greeting poster showing our self saying Bonjour or Salut to our friend using speech bubbles.

Outdoor Learning

We wanted to create a balancing beam to balance across to different areas. We made sure it was safe by making it secure and steady.

Harry is exploring his sounds outdoors!

We were measuring and weighing different objects outdoors. We know that if both sides are the same, it is equal!

We created an amazing den using different materials and were charging our friends to enter it!

Christmas Fun!

We have been incorporating Christmas through everything that we do, whether it is writing Christmas stories, completing tricky art work or answering challenging Christmas themed maths games. It has been so exciting and fun!

Our Christmas party was amazing! We got to play many party games, sing songs and dance with our friends. The most magical part of they day was when we got to meet Santa!


We can’t believe how fast Primary 1 has past by since the beginning of August 2018. We have created many memories already from our very first day of school, from writing our first word and reading our first word! And who can forget our amazing nativity we completed as a whole year group!

We will come back from our holidays refreshed and ready to create more fantastic memories in 2019!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone ☺!

Merry Christmas from P1B!

This week we have had lots of festive fun in school!

In maths we were developing our understanding of Symmetry. We had to create symmetrical pictures and even made a symmetrical Christmas tree! We had to make sure that each side of our tree was decorated the same, it was lots of fun!

To develop our art skills, we have been working on lots of Christmas crafts – it has been so fun using different art materials to make festive things to take home to show our family. We have been making Christmas cards and even used paper plates and cotton wool to make Santa’s face!

In French, we learned all about Christmas in France, it was so interesting to hear the different traditions and we were able to describe the similarities and differences between Christmas here and Christmas in France.

We even learned to say  Merry Christmas in French. We used this knowledge to create a  French Christmas card and had a great time listening and singing along to some French Christmas music!

On Wednesday we had our Christmas party!

We had so much fun getting dressed up and celebrating with our friends.

We played party games such and did lots of dancing with our friends to some music!

We also had some tasty party food.

Then, we even had a visit from a special visitor .. it was Santa!

We couldnt  believe he travelled from the North Pole to visit us and give us an early Christmas present, we were so excited!

Merry  Christmas from all the boys and girls in P1B!

I am so proud of how hard you have all worked so far this year, I hope you have lots of fun during the holidays with your family and friends and I can’t wait to hear all about it in the new year!

Well done P1B!

Miss Wallace x

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