Another busy week in P1B!

We have had another very busy few weeks in Primary 1, learning lots of new things.

Last week was Maths Week and we had lots of fun exploring different activities to help us build our knowledge of numbers to 20.

Our maths hats were amazing, we were so excited to show them off to the rest of the school during the ‘Maths Hat Parade’.

All of these activities have helped us to improve our number knowledge and have helped us with our counting skills.

For our new topic, Plants, we have been learning about different types of plants.

We wanted to investigate how plants grow and so we planted some sunflower seeds so that we can see how they grow or change over time.

We had so much fun working with our partners to plant the seeds, some of them have even started to grow!

We also wanted to learn about leaves and why they change colour so we went on a nature walk around the playground to collect lots of different leaves, we then used them to complete some art work.

In PE, we have been working on our fitness. This week we were practicing our ball skills by working on throwing and catching the ball with our partner.

Keep checking our blog page to stay up to date with our learning adventures!




Our Learning Adventures in 1c!

We have been incredibly busy learning about many new things. Before the windy storm came, we explored our Senses therefore had taken a listening walk around our school.

We have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shape and what their differences are. We have also been building extravagant models using shapes whilst explaining why we chose those specific shapes to build with.

Alongside shape, we are continuing to increase our knowledge about numbers up to 20.


We have been learning beyond our indoor classroom and have been exploring Maths and Literacy outdoors too!



Welcome to P1a’s first blog!

We’ve had a fun and busy start to our learning in P1!  We have settled in very well and have made lots of new friends. We have learned new routines, classroom rules and enjoy earning stickers and points for our efforts.







We have been developing our skills identifying rhyming words and producing rhyming words.  We enjoy exploring sounds and letters and have been working on counting the number of syllables in our names and other words. We also play games where we can count the number of words in a simple sentence we have listened to.





























































Numeracy and Maths

We have been ordering and sequencing numbers, counting, and practising our number formation. We play games, use the Interactive Whiteboard and do lots of different activities to practise these skills. For Maths Week we enjoyed parading our fantastic hats we’d made at home round the school! Well done!



































































Other learning

We have been working on  developing our fitness in the gym, learning to move safely in different ways. We have also been practising throwing, catching and balancing too.





















We discussed what we know about plants and went outdoors to see the changing colours and the variety of plants growing near us.
















We enjoy doing yoga together.  We are good at following instructions and working in our space safely.










Here are some more pictures of us as we play and learn!









































What a fantastic start to P1! Well done P1a!

Welcome to P1B!

Welcome to our very first blog post! We hope you have lots of fun exploring the types of things we get up to every day!

Our time in Primary 1 so far has been super exciting but also very busy! We have made lots of new friends and settled well into our classroom and routines.

We have been focusing lots on our numbers, using different materials to help us with our counting, making sure we can recognise and sequence numbers. We have also been playing lots of fun maths games to help us find the missing number and identify which number comes before or after a given number.

We have been learning lots about rhyme and syllables during our first few weeks in P1 which has helped us to explore lots of new words. We have also been looking at the different letters, particularly looking for those in our first names to help us to practice writing them!

We have had lots of fun learning more about syllables and rhyme through lots of songs which we love to dance to!

For our first topic we have been learning all about The Rainbow Fish!

We have had so much fun exploring the story and its different characters which has helped us to learn more about friendship!

We have made lots of  art work using different art materials and have loved using a variety of colours for our pictures making our wall display look very bright and colourful!

We hope you enjoyed reading our first blog post about our latest adventures in Primary 1!

We can’t wait to show you lots more pictures of what we do next and all of the fun learning experiences we are going to have!

Welcome to our First Blog by 1c!

Welcome to our blog! Primary 1c hope you discover all of our amazing learning experiences and gain an insight into how we learn every day!

Already we have made many friends, established and settled into our class routine and are enjoying all learning adventures.

We have learnt to recognise rhyming words through many different games and spot words which do not rhyme!


We are becoming more aware of our numbers! We have been practicing to solve the missing numbers, to sequence numbers and recognise numbers which come before and after of a given number.


We were trying to beat the timer by sequencing our numbers in the correct order. We went from 5 minutes, to 3 minutes and amazingly being able to solve it under 1 minute!

We are practicing extremely hard to form our numbers correctly too!

In our Rainbow Fish topic we have been exploring everything under the sea and more!

Lastly, we love ending the day with Yoga or reading a story!


We hope you have enjoyed having a look through our first few weeks of Primary 1. We can’t wait to show you what we do next!




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