Primary 3A


We’ve had another busy week in P3A.

We are still enjoying our class novel and are looking forward to telling everyone all about owls at our Assembly.

I have learned that although barn owls have good hearing you can’t see their ears. (E McK)

I know that barn owls sleep during the day and hunt at night. (BMcL)

Barn owls have a heart shaped ruff on their faces. (EO’G)

We enjoyed our writing lesson this week. We learned about similes and used them to make lots of comparisons.

Here are some examples:

I am as slow as a snail climbing a wall. (J U)

I am as slow as a crawling ant. (B Mc L)

I am as quick as a peregrine falcon flying across the sky. (BL)

I am as large as a giant climbing up the beanstalk (L Mc C)

I am happy like a hamster on his wheel. (ES)


We had Mrs Duggie for Music on Tuesday.

 We practised keeping a steady beat while singing. ( Listen listen here I come Someone special gets the drum) LMcK

We have to practise the beat while shopping with our families. We will show you at the shops! (I C)

This is the first week where our special person gets to talk to the class about their interests and their favourite possessions. We have filled in a trophy for W to tell him how much we know and like about him. Another person will be selected next week.