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What matters to you about your child’s school?

Through this short survey Scottish Government would like you to help them find out what matters to parents about their school and their child’s education, focusing on what needs to be done to make the improvements we all want to see. The survey will close on October 16th and will inform the annual report for the National Improvement Framework parental involvement driver.




Pupil Achievements- Online Survey

Gaining recognition for the wide range of achievements can increase pupil confidence, raise their aspirations, improve motivation for learning and keep them engaged in education. It is important that we recognise and celebrate achievements in all contexts for learning, through:

  • the ethos and life of the school as a community
  • curriculum areas and subjects
  • interdisciplinary learning
  • opportunities for personal achievement.

To help us gather this information on pupils’ personal achievements, I would ask you to follow the link below and provide the information required:

St. Mark’s Pupil Achievements

This link will remain live throughout session 2016. You can add achievements as often as required by entering your child’s name, class and details of their achievement.