Ms Cairns’ S3

Production Skills – week beginning Monday 27th April

Hello S3!

I hope you were able to access the materials for the role of the Director.

We are now going to look at the role of the Actor within a professional theatre production. As many of us are having issues with GLOW connectivity your teachers have now been asked to post just one assignment a week per class.

Each week we will look at one member of the theatre production team. I will post the relevant textbook chapter, the pupil booklet for that skill (which should be downloaded and completed) and some video clips which will help deepen your learning. ┬áTo help us gather the evidence when we return to school please title the document with your name and the production skill e.g. “Sam Jones pupil booklet DIRECTING”.

Any issues please direct your questions to myself as Ms. Mitchell and I are setting work for different year groups.

Here is a video interview with our former pupil James McArdle who is now one of the most highly regarded stage actors in the UK. In this interview James explains how he approaches his work as an actor. James was sitting in our classroom just 12 years ago so I hope you find his hard work and success inspirational!



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