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PSA Minutes March 2014

OLM PSA Meeting Minutes 4th March 2014

Present:  Joe Shaw, Colette Carruthers, Charlie Jamieson, Louise Sheridan, Bernadine Nordmann, Maureen Cumming, Emma McAndrew, Teresa MacPherson, Victoria Drugan, Clare McCargo.

Apologies:  Joanne Miller, Sheila Reid, Catherine Gallagher, Nicola Cochrane, Jacqueline McLaughlin, Eileen Armstrong.

1. Welcome/ Previous Minutes

Joe welcomed all to the meeting and the previous minutes were agreed.

2. OLM Lottery Draw


£50 – Lian O’Donnell  (Rosie 4A)                                                                               

£25 – Fiona McNeney (Erin 6D)  

3. Treasurers Report

Current balance – £4171.

Considerable expenditure has recently been contributed by the PSA including £1000 to subsidise school bus trips, £2000 for new projectors and £2075 to fund the Edinburgh Science festival.

4. P1 Mums night

The feedback from the night was very positive with 50/60 mums attending across all the classes.  It was thought it was a very worthwhile evening and the plan going forward would be to hold this event in late September.

5.  Ceilidh Update

The Carmichael Hall is booked for the event on Friday March 21st from 6-10pm with the event taking place from 7-9.30pm.

The St Rochs Ceilidh band have also been booked.

Whilst ticket sales were initially slow they are now starting to pick up.  However a further advertising push will take place and Mr Jamieson will issue a further request for tickets, and the mediums of the school website, face book and twitter will also be used.   It was stressed that spreading the word in the playground was also essential in making the event a success.

It is a BYOB event.  Joe will investigate new ERC regulations that involve having a designated BYOB area. We would ask that any wine carriers be handed in before the event as this may help the process.

Bernadine will follow up on the Dominos pizza pound a slice deal.

It was agreed there will be a tuck shop for children but there will be no novelties at this event.

There will be a number of games including stand up bingo and pound nearest the bottle for the adults.  Donations of whisky and champagne bottles were made by the staff and members of the committee.  For the children there will be a guess the teddy’s birthday, which Teresa and Colette will organise, and also a Scottish themed colouring  picture competition with prizes for the best pictures.  The school will provide crayons / pencils etc and Teresa will source Scottish themed artwork to colour in.

Finally,  Mr Jamieson advised that the children would able to practice some of the more popular dances before the event.

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Our Lady of the Missions PSA Meeting Minutes 5th February 2013

Present:  Joe Shaw, Joanne Miller, Colette Carruthers, Genevieve Reilly, Catherine Gallagher,   Sheila Reid, Clare McCargo, Bernadine Nordmann, Charlie Jamieson, Louise Sheridan

Apologies:  Veronica Dowling, Clare Deehan, Tracie Burns, Teresa McPherson, Michelle Hynes, Angela Dolan, Jacqueline McLaughlin

1. Welcome/ Previous Minutes

Joe welcomed all to the meeting and thanked everyone for their tremendous efforts for the Christmas fete and activities. Particular thanks to Clare Deehan and Tracie Burns for shopping  for Christmas fete and parties, P7 Disco and buying a gift for Pat O’Connor on her retirement. Also Teresa and Jacqueline for their help at P7 Disco. Continue reading Our Lady of the Missions PSA Meeting Minutes 5th February 2013

Minute of Committee Meeting September 2012

Present :  Michelle Hynes, Sally Gallagher, Joe Shaw, Tracie Burns, Clare Deehan, Catherine Gallagher, Eileen Armstrong, Colette Carruthers, Teresa Macpherson, Alison Moore, Anne Forsyth, Louise Sheridan, Charlie Jamieson, Sheila Reid, Clare McCargo, Veronica Dowling.
Apologies :  Caroline Smith, Jacqueline McLaughlin, Joanne Millar, Geraldine Innes, Angela Dolan, Nicola Cochrane

Sally and Michelle welcomed all to the meeting.
Previous minutes agreed by all. As no meeting held in June, Sally ran through the details from the fete. Sally and Michelle had sent out a note regarding the fete back in June
Treasurer’s Report:  Balance £4408.00
OLM Lottery Draw:   July- Julie Ann Cox £50  Angela Yerkin £25
Aug – Veronica Mombeini £50    Cecilia Wright  £25
Sept – Marie McKenzie  £50    Viktoria McGuinnity  £25
Currently have 145 members although there are quite a few members from last year still to renew their membership.  Continue reading Minute of Committee Meeting September 2012

PSA Meeting Minutes 1st May 2012

Present:  Catherine Gallacher, Catherine McGee, Joe Shaw, Dianne Hazlett, Gillian Boyle, Christelle  Prome- McKeegan, Marie Bradley, Patricia Murphy, Charles Jamieson, Veronica Dowling, Tracie Burns, Clare Deehan, Collette Carruthers, Sally Gallagher, Michelle Hynes
Apologies:  Nicola Adair, Eileen Armstrong

–         Welcome and previous minutes.  previous minutes accepted
–         Treasurer’s report. £ 6461.
–         Lottery – April  £50 39 Elizabeth Cameron, £25 3 Noreen McGuire.  May £50 70 Catriona McAuley, £25 42 Jeanette Brogan
–         Summer Fete 9th June. Flyer has gone out today to ask for volunteers.. Set up Fri 1-3pm, to allow people to see the Olympic torch. Access to school from 11am on Saturday. 
–         P1 Parents afternoon. 15th June 1pm – 3pm .3 or 4 helpers required.
–         Sports Day 21st June. PSA will provide an ice cream for each child.
–         P7 Ceilidh Pupils piped in at 6.45 – 7pm. Helpers required at approx 7 pm to set up buffet. Costco shopping required. Mrs Baird making corsages. Jim, Jean and Alec requiring gifts approx £25 each. Gift required for Piper. £100 cash to go to Band on night.
–          Leavers Mass Bibles for costing £633.86. Cheque to go to be made out to OLM.
–         Office Bearers required for next year. Chair persons required.

Michelle discussed the updated constitution, explaining it was purely cosmetic changes to make it a more readable document. 
It was then agreed to formally adopt the new constitution.

 –         AOB – Tues 4th September AGM OLM School 7pm