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NNC Friday Bundle 26.02.21

Hello everyone,

What a lovely week! We’ve so enjoyed listening to the squeals of delight, chatter, laughter and fun that the children have had during their first week back. We have really focused this week on children reconnecting with friends, exploring the layout of nursery, being more independent and feeling comfortable with their familiar adults. After the anticipation that some may be a little unsettled, most of the children really quickly got back to messy play, digging in the mud, splashing in puddles, building or chatting to friends and staff, as if they have never been away. Our staff have commented on how lovely it is to be able to see the children again in real-life, to give hugs and to catch-up on all the things that have happened in their lives since December.

We have also welcomed some new children to nursery this week too and we have loved having them join our Netherlee community.

Recently we applied for £1000 funding from Scottish Government for outdoor clothing and we are delighted to confirm that the application was successful. We are really keen to buy the most robust, hardwearing waterproofs for the children and would welcome your suggestions of brands, best buys or useful websites.

We would like to share some information for anyone who would like to dip into some free online learning modules that may be of interest for you to complete at your own pace.  These are available on the site in a range of languages too.

  • Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby
  • Understanding your baby
  • Understanding your child
  • Understanding your teenager’s brain
  • Understanding your child with Additional Support Needs

The resource has a series of modules containing interactive resources, quizzes and video clips. It focuses on developing nurturing and supportive relationships between parents/carers and their children. For further information, or to access Solihull Online please follow this link: Press the ‘enter code’ button and use the access code ‘tartan’ to access.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and that your wee ones come back next week full of energy for the start of a new week and a new month.

Yvonne Donaldson (HT) and Angela Kerr (PT)

Friday Bundle 26.02.21

Hello everyone,

We have so enjoyed seeing the happy faces of our P1-3 children and listening to all the chatter, laughter and fun that they have had during their week back in school. The teachers and staff have really focused this week on the children reconnecting with their friends and re-establishing lots of familiar routines.  After the anticipation that some of the children may be a little unsettled, they have once again shown their tremendous resilience and have really quickly got back into the swing of things- as if they have never been away.  The staff have commented on how lovely it is to be able to see the children again in real-life and it is so personally heart-warming for me when I walk round the school and can once again hear the sound of busy, productive and happy children and staff, enjoying being together and engaging in collaborative face to face learning once more.  We would be very grateful if any P1-3 child who still has school books, resources or digital devices that have been borrowed from school, could please return these to us as soon as possible.  Many thanks.

We have also welcomed some new children into the Netherlee Community during this lockdown period and your child may very well mention the name of a new friend who has joined their class. The period of lockdown and home schooling has been so very tricky for all parents but especially for any new parents to the school and so, a small request… if you notice a new adult’s unfamiliar face standing waiting for a child at pick up or drop off time, maybe you could introduce yourself (socially distanced of course) as it really has been very difficult for new families to the area to make new friends during these past months.  Thanks for your help with ensuring that all new children and parents receive a warm welcome into our wonderful Netherlee Community. J

I would like to share some information for any parent who would like to dip into some free online learning modules that may be of interest for you to complete at your own pace.  Please note that these are available on the website below in a range of different languages.

  • Understanding your child
  • Understanding your teenager’s brain
  • Understanding your child with Additional Needs

The resource has a series of modules containing interactive resources, quizzes and video clips. It focuses on developing nurturing and supportive relationships between parents/carers and their children. For further information, or to access Solihull Online please follow this link:  Press the ‘enter code’ button and use the access code ‘tartan’ to access.

The ERC Educational Psychology Service is delivering three online one-hour parent sessions in March (please see attachment for details and how to sign up). The aim of these will be to explore how Covid has impacted, and how some children and young people think, feel and behave, and to discuss ways in which parents can support their child through the current challenges. The sessions will refer to ERC’s Healthier Minds Website and resources and will involve input from partners across East Renfrewshire who support children and young people’s mental wellbeing.

We are very hopeful that our P4-7 children will be able to return to in school learning very soon too and, following the Scottish Governments update in relation to this on Tuesday of next week, I will include some information about this in next week’s email.  We are desperate to get our middle school and senior pupils back with us again in Netherlee and fully appreciate how hard this continues to be for them and you.  The teachers are doing their very best to try to keep their pupils’ motivation levels high by providing lots of fun activities during the live meets each day, but we know that nothing can truly replicate being back in the building altogether again.  Fingers, and toes, crossed that it is safe and we get the go ahead and green light for this confirmed next week.

A parent has been in touch with me to request that dogs are kept on a lead if bringing them to the gates and surrounding areas at pick up and drop off times.   I am of course happy to support this request in order to help to keep everyone safe and also to recognise that some children and adults may be a little of scared of dogs who are off lead.  Many thanks for your help and understanding with this.

Also attached is information in relation to World Book Day and a Book Token too.

Thank you for continuing to get in touch with myself and the staff regularly with any questions you have or in relation to your child.  Please do continue to do this as it means we can resolve any matters very quickly and can help and support with things as they arise.  This is what we are all here for and is a very important part of making sure that the children in Netherlee are well cared for, happy, settled and making good progress in all aspects of their learning.


Take care and have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Yvonne Donaldson

NNC Friday Bundle 29.01.20

Hi everyone,

We’ve had another fun and busy week in our nursery hub with staff hosting the daily Google Meets and recording videos for our children – we hope that your child is continuing to enjoy taking part and seeing their keyworkers on line while learning at home.  Please be assured that we understand what home life is like for everyone at the moment, the nursery staff are, just like you, trying to juggle work with being a parent, grandparent, wife, husband or carer whilst also supporting their own children’s school work and caring for the needs of their own wee ones too. So, please don’t let the Home Learning Ideas or Learning Links we share and suggest to you put any extra pressure on your family just now while we all try to keep our children happy and safe. Everyone’s circumstances are very different and we really do appreciate this fact. This time will pass so please just do what you can and try to enjoy having this extra time with your wee ones, read a story, go for a walk or play a game – this is all learning for your child and they will love doing this with you.

We are pleased to advise that the new online Early Learning and Childcare application process is now live for new three or four year old children on the East Renfrewshire Council website:  Allocations are for 2 years at a Local Authority setting therefore parents/carers of children who are currently in their ante-pre year and those who have deferred their child’s school place will not require to apply for the pre-school year.  Applications require to be submitted by 28 February 2021.  If you have any enquiries please direct them to

We would like to remind you that Fri 5th Feb is an In-Service Day and Mon 8th and Tues 9th Feb are holidays and we won’t have any Google Meets or provide any Home Learning Ideas for these days.

Please get in touch if you need anything at all or if you would just like a friendly chat!  J

Have a lovely weekend with your family everyone.

Yvonne Donaldson (HT) and Angela Kerr (PT)


NPS Friday Bundle 20.11.20

Good afternoon everyone

I can’t quite believe that it is once again Friday with another week having gone by incredibly quickly.

Please find attached a letter from our newly appointed Director of Education, Mr Mark Ratter. He includes in his letter some information around PE which, due to ERC being placed in level 4, will return to once again only being able to take place outdoors for the time being.  We will of course strive to continue to deliver as much outdoor PE as we can and I am very grateful to you for providing your child with appropriate clothing and footwear to allow us to do so.  However, I am sure you will understand if, on certain days due to extremely bad weather, PE cannot unfortunately take place on any given day.

As we find ourselves enjoying some very varied weather conditions right now, I have also attached our annual Winter Weather Advice letter.  Please take a few moments to consider the information contained within this letter so that you can have a plan for this if needed.  I’m sure you, like us will have your fingers crossed that this only ever stays as a plan and we don’t need to put this in place but it’s always better to be prepared just in case.

You may have heard that unfortunately, there was a very concerning and worrying accident last week in the pavilion car park.  Although the car park doesn’t belong to the school, I would ask all users of this carpark to be extremely careful and always mindful that young children are around this area at collection times.  It may be an idea, for example, to park in such a way that avoids the need to reverse out of car parking spaces.  Thankfully everyone is “ok” however this is a situation that we all want to avoid and therefore play our part in keeping all of our families and children safe- thank you.

I am really pleased that Mr Bryce has been able to arrange Bikeability for our P7 children, who were unable to participate due to lockdown.  We are just finalising the exact dates however this will take place in March 2021.  Mr Bryce is also trying to get this arranged for our current P6 pupils as well and this training will most probably take place for them around April/ May 2021.  We will of course let you know the exact dates for both P7 and P6 as soon as we can.  We would very much like all of our pupils to be able to take part in this safety training so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either Mr Bryce or myself if we can be of any help at all with this.

I really hope you enjoy looking at and sharing your child’s stage newsletter which will either be included in your email Friday Bundle this week or next.  These newly introduced newsletters are hopefully an enjoyable way of keeping you up to date with some of the learning taking place in your child’s class whilst also letting you enjoy lots of photos from the stage too.  Please remember that you can also enjoy sharing lots of Netherlee learning that is happening across the school and nursery by visiting and following us on Twitter –  If you have limited your child’s photo permissions and you would like to amend these restrictions at any time so that your child’s photo can be included in our Twitter activity, please just get in touch with the school office and the staff will happily make these changes for you.

Click to read the P1-P7 Sway Newsletters.

Thank you for continuing to support the Scottish Government’s advice around children remaining at home if they have symptoms or are having to self-isolate and also with adults wearing face masks during collection and drop off times.  As we all appreciate that the pavements in the area surrounding the school and nursery are also very busy during these times, please continue to follow this advice in these surrounding areas too and until you are further away and in a quieter, less busy place.  Thank you for your help and support with this as we all continue to work together and support each other right now.  Hopefully, fairly soon, we will all no longer be living through this pandemic and will instead be able to talk about all of this in the past tense but, until then, thank you for all that you are doing to help me keep my dedicated staff and all of our precious Netherlee children as safe as possible.

The link to book your child’s Christmas lunch is here: – if you have not already completed this for your child to have their Christmas Lunch please do so by Monday 30th November.

A note from the PTA – Thank you to everyone who made an order with the Card Project. All the cards and mugs and labels and wrapping paper have been delivered and sorted in the school and should be coming home with your child today.  We hope you have been enjoying the zoom socials for each year group. Looking forward to the P7, P5 and P3 events this week. Keep a look out on PTA Facebook for news about the forthcoming online Christmas Fair on the 5th and 6th of December.

Please find the joining link below for the PTA meeting this Monday 23rd November at 7pm.  Join the meeting here: (Meeting ID: 987 4413 7093 and Passcode: 236823).

The Parent Council meeting is to be held on Wednesday 25th November at 7.30pm on the Zoom platform. Any parents wishing to attend as observers should e-mail to be included in the meeting

Have a good, peaceful and safe weekend everyone.

Mrs Donaldson


NNC Friday Bundle 20.11.20

Dear Parents and Carers

The staff have had really positive parent conversions on the phone this week as they completed your Child’s Plan. We are continuing the 10 minute appointments after 4pm this week with:

Monday: Orange and Green groups
Tuesday: Purple, Pink and Blue groups
Wednesday: Purple, Pink and Red groups
Thursday: Red group

Please click on the link to read our latest SWAY where we share some of the Learning Experiences for October and November:

Please don’t forget that our latest Scholastic Book Club is now online at There are hundreds of fantastic children’s books to choose from, and every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club will earn 20p for our school in Scholastic Rewards.

Please place your order online by November 29th, 2020.

We ask that when using the car park at Netherlee Pavilion you are mindful of other car park users. We were shocked to hear that there was a ‘near miss’ last Friday in the car park. Please park in the designated spaces and leave pedestrian walking routes clear.

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.  We are here to help in any way that we can if you have any questions or concerns at all.  Please just email us using the nursery email and we will get back in touch with you.

Please find attached ‘Learning Links’ for next week.

The Parent Council meeting is to be held on Wednesday 25th November at 7.30pm on the Zoom platform. Any parents wishing to attend as observers should e-mail to be included in the meeting.

Also attached to this email is a Letter from our newly appointed Director of Education, Mark Ratter, along with our Winter Weather advice.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs Donaldson & Mrs Kerr

Internet Safety

During this time of distance learning we continue to be aware of  Internet and Cyber safety and keeping our children safe online.

Please find attached a support leaflet with links to support Online Safety in relation to setting parental filters, Google Safe Search and several more helpful links.

We hope this is helpful.

Keeping safe online at home

Helpful Websites for pupils

Some Useful Websites for Home Use


BBC Learning

This site is no longer updated but there’s so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV licence required except for content on BBC iPlayer.



Learn computer programming skills – fun and free.



Creative computer programming


National Geographic Kids

Activities and quizzes for younger kids.



Learn languages for free. Web or app.


Nature Detectives

A lot of these can be done in a garden or Park


Oxford Owl for Home

Lots of free resources for Primary age


DK Find Out

Activities and quizzes



This is more for printouts, and usually at a fee, but they are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures.



Friday Bundle 31.01.2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Please find below our weekly email with information for parents.

Our pupils have been using their presenting and digital technology skills to produce short films detailing the exciting learning that will be happening in each stage from P1 to P7 this term. We hope you enjoy this new method of sharing your child’s learning with you –

For information – Our school offers a Halal choice each day to pupils who require this. The Halal option is offered alongside our meat dish of the day, so for example, if there is steak pie available, there will also be Halal steak pie for the pupils who have registered to have this option. When the children order their meals – they still select their choice in the same way on the class whiteboard and their option is filtered to the kitchen where this is checked and ordered on their behalf. If the child has ordered a Halal option, they receive a different coloured band to the rest of the children, allowing the Kitchen to easily identify what they have ordered.

Have a lovely weekend.

Netherlee Primary