Friday Bundle 31.01.2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Please find below our weekly email with information for parents.

Our pupils have been using their presenting and digital technology skills to produce short films detailing the exciting learning that will be happening in each stage from P1 to P7 this term. We hope you enjoy this new method of sharing your child’s learning with you –

For information – Our school offers a Halal choice each day to pupils who require this. The Halal option is offered alongside our meat dish of the day, so for example, if there is steak pie available, there will also be Halal steak pie for the pupils who have registered to have this option. When the children order their meals – they still select their choice in the same way on the class whiteboard and their option is filtered to the kitchen where this is checked and ordered on their behalf. If the child has ordered a Halal option, they receive a different coloured band to the rest of the children, allowing the Kitchen to easily identify what they have ordered.

Have a lovely weekend.

Netherlee Primary