Friday Bundle 26.02.21

Hello everyone,

We have so enjoyed seeing the happy faces of our P1-3 children and listening to all the chatter, laughter and fun that they have had during their week back in school. The teachers and staff have really focused this week on the children reconnecting with their friends and re-establishing lots of familiar routines.  After the anticipation that some of the children may be a little unsettled, they have once again shown their tremendous resilience and have really quickly got back into the swing of things- as if they have never been away.  The staff have commented on how lovely it is to be able to see the children again in real-life and it is so personally heart-warming for me when I walk round the school and can once again hear the sound of busy, productive and happy children and staff, enjoying being together and engaging in collaborative face to face learning once more.  We would be very grateful if any P1-3 child who still has school books, resources or digital devices that have been borrowed from school, could please return these to us as soon as possible.  Many thanks.

We have also welcomed some new children into the Netherlee Community during this lockdown period and your child may very well mention the name of a new friend who has joined their class. The period of lockdown and home schooling has been so very tricky for all parents but especially for any new parents to the school and so, a small request… if you notice a new adult’s unfamiliar face standing waiting for a child at pick up or drop off time, maybe you could introduce yourself (socially distanced of course) as it really has been very difficult for new families to the area to make new friends during these past months.  Thanks for your help with ensuring that all new children and parents receive a warm welcome into our wonderful Netherlee Community. J

I would like to share some information for any parent who would like to dip into some free online learning modules that may be of interest for you to complete at your own pace.  Please note that these are available on the website below in a range of different languages.

  • Understanding your child
  • Understanding your teenager’s brain
  • Understanding your child with Additional Needs

The resource has a series of modules containing interactive resources, quizzes and video clips. It focuses on developing nurturing and supportive relationships between parents/carers and their children. For further information, or to access Solihull Online please follow this link:  Press the ‘enter code’ button and use the access code ‘tartan’ to access.

The ERC Educational Psychology Service is delivering three online one-hour parent sessions in March (please see attachment for details and how to sign up). The aim of these will be to explore how Covid has impacted, and how some children and young people think, feel and behave, and to discuss ways in which parents can support their child through the current challenges. The sessions will refer to ERC’s Healthier Minds Website and resources and will involve input from partners across East Renfrewshire who support children and young people’s mental wellbeing.

We are very hopeful that our P4-7 children will be able to return to in school learning very soon too and, following the Scottish Governments update in relation to this on Tuesday of next week, I will include some information about this in next week’s email.  We are desperate to get our middle school and senior pupils back with us again in Netherlee and fully appreciate how hard this continues to be for them and you.  The teachers are doing their very best to try to keep their pupils’ motivation levels high by providing lots of fun activities during the live meets each day, but we know that nothing can truly replicate being back in the building altogether again.  Fingers, and toes, crossed that it is safe and we get the go ahead and green light for this confirmed next week.

A parent has been in touch with me to request that dogs are kept on a lead if bringing them to the gates and surrounding areas at pick up and drop off times.   I am of course happy to support this request in order to help to keep everyone safe and also to recognise that some children and adults may be a little of scared of dogs who are off lead.  Many thanks for your help and understanding with this.

Also attached is information in relation to World Book Day and a Book Token too.

Thank you for continuing to get in touch with myself and the staff regularly with any questions you have or in relation to your child.  Please do continue to do this as it means we can resolve any matters very quickly and can help and support with things as they arise.  This is what we are all here for and is a very important part of making sure that the children in Netherlee are well cared for, happy, settled and making good progress in all aspects of their learning.


Take care and have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Yvonne Donaldson