STEM @ Mearns

At Mearns Primary, we are extremely proud of the work we have undertaken in relation to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The work has been delivered in line with the goals set out by the Scottish Government as they look to develop skills that will prepare our young people for the world of work when they are older.

The work of the STEM team in the school has been recognised by Education Scotland, who have shortlisted Mearns Primary for the STEM Award 2018.

To showcase the work in the school, the STEM team created a presentation that can by viewed here.

Below you will find a range of documents created by the school that we hope will give you more of an insight into the learning and teaching at Mearns. You can access the document by clicking on the links.

Mearns Science Principles

Our Science Principles shape the way we teach science in the school. The principles came from the views of pupils and staff in the school and highlight the excellent practice in science teaching at Mearns Primary.

Curriculum Overview

The science curriculum is split into Early, First and Second level and within that we have organised the learning outcomes into a progressive programme where each stage builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of the previous stages. As pupils move through the school they experience all the outcomes and are introduced to all the big concepts of science.



At Mearns Primary we believe that partnerships are essential to give all of our pupils the excellent education they deserve. Through our STEM, Developing the Young Workforce and Mearns Masters programmes we have linked with a wide variety of organisations, companies and individuals who have all enhanced the experience of our pupils. We are very grateful to all our partners and the time and expertise they share with us.