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STEM @ Mearns

At Mearns Primary, we are extremely proud of the work we have undertaken in relation to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The work has been delivered in line with the goals set out by the Scottish Government as they look to develop skills that will prepare our young people for the world of work when they are older.

The work of the STEM team in the school has been recognised by Education Scotland, who have shortlisted Mearns Primary for the STEM Award 2018.

To showcase the work in the school, the STEM team created a presentation that can by viewed here.

Below you will find a range of documents created by the school that we hope will give you more of an insight into the learning and teaching at Mearns. You can access the document by clicking on the links.

Mearns Science Principles

Our Science Principles shape the way we teach science in the school. The principles came from the views of pupils and staff in the school and highlight the excellent practice in science teaching at Mearns Primary.

Curriculum Overview

The science curriculum is split into Early, First and Second level and within that we have organised the learning outcomes into a progressive programme where each stage builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of the previous stages. As pupils move through the school they experience all the outcomes and are introduced to all the big concepts of science.



At Mearns Primary we believe that partnerships are essential to give all of our pupils the excellent education they deserve. Through our STEM, Developing the Young Workforce and Mearns Masters programmes we have linked with a wide variety of organisations, companies and individuals who have all enhanced the experience of our pupils. We are very grateful to all our partners and the time and expertise they share with us.


Family Film Night

A cohort of East Renfrewshire senior pupils is heading out to Malawi in October 2018.  The pupils will be supporting the work of the Betty Cunningham Trust   at the Dambo Village School.

The pupils will carry out manual labour, ensuring that the fabric of the school is maintained and they will also work with the pupils.


In order to support this venture, one of the senior pupils from this group is hosting a Family Film Night for pupils and their families in Mearns Primary School. The film which will be shown is the Universal Pictures film “Hop”.   The charge will be £3 per ticket (per seat).  Children should be accompanied by an adult. Doors will open at 5.30pm, for a 6pm start.  There will be a 20 minute interval during the film and snacks, hot dogs and juice will be on sale.  It is anticipated that the film will finish at 8pm.


There will be an opportunity for face painting and a novelty stall.  An Easter themed raffle will take place also.  If you would like to make a donation for the raffle, please leave this with our school office staff.


Tickets will be available at the door on a first come first served basis.

Your support for this good cause will be greatly appreciated.

Mearns Primary School


Park and Stride

The JRSO are re-launching our Park & Stride areas. This will start on Thursday 1st March with Zone 3. Friday 2nd March with Zone 2 and Monday 5th March at Zone 1. Please meet Mrs O’Connor and the JRSO at 8.30am to walk together.


Zone 1  Hunter Drive – park on Hunter Drive and follow the path; passing the park on your left, turn left and arrive into school using the front entrance.

Zone 2 Paidmyre Road – park anywhere on Paidmyre Road and cross Ayr Road with our crossing patrol. Walk along St. Vigeans Avenue and into school using the back entrance.

Zone 3 Netherplace Road/ Crescent – park anywhere on Netherplace Road or Crescent, walk along Fairweather Place and into school.

Severe Weather Arrangements

In the event of severe weather conditions, Head Teachers are guided by the Education Department’s Standard Circular 10b.  Following an assessment of the situation, in consultation with relevant staff in the Education Department, a decision will be made on whether or not to close the school.  If an emergency closure of the school is to be carried out, the following procedures will take place:

  • We will contact the transport providers to ensure that the school buses and taxis will be available.  If they are not, then pupils will require to wait in school to be collected by parents.
  • We will put information on the school’s website  and Twitter account (@Mearns_Primary) about the arrangements for the closure.  There will also be up to date information on ERC’s Twitter page ( @EastRenCouncil).  It is really important that in the event of any severe weather parents and carers make every effort to regularly monitor ERC’s and the school’s websites.  The website will be regularly updated with any important information.
  • We will also text parents and carers with information on the school closure and refer you to the school and council’s websites.
  • At this point we will start to evacuate the school.
  • Parents who arrive at school will be greeted at the main entrance by a member of staff who will then arrange for their child/children to join them to be taken home.
  • Children will remain in classes until a large number have been collected by parents.  Once the numbers have reduced sufficiently, remaining children will be brought down to the Street and supervised there. At this point, if we have not heard from parents or carers of remaining children, we will attempt to contact them or their emergency contacts.
  • In very extreme circumstances, some pupils may not be able to get home and may have to remain in school beyond the school day.  This situation will be discussed with parents and, with support of senior school staff and the Education Department, pupils will be accommodated in school until arrangements are put in place for their safe transport home.

When the school has been safely closed, I will liaise with the Education Department on subsequent arrangements.  At the earliest appropriate opportunity, I will then carry out an assessment of the conditions for re-opening the school.  Arrangements for re-opening the school will be communicated to parents via the school’s website and other local media.

Should the school require to be closed for more than one day, information will be posted on the school’s website/ Twitter account (@Mearns_Primary)  to allow pupils to continue their learning.

Hopefully we will not require to put these arrangements in place.  However, I trust you will find the information helpful in discussing the issue with your child/children and putting any necessary arrangements in place in the event of an emergency closure.

If you don’t have a local emergency contact we would appreciate it if you can arrange with a neighbour or friend who could collect or look after your child/children in these extreme circumstances.  Please email this information to  or phone the school office.  If you would prefer, you can send a letter or put a note in your child’s homework diary.  We would appreciate being given this information as quickly as possible.  We thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Sharon E Hunter

Head Teacher