School Concert 2017

Dear Parent / Carer

As you will be aware, this year’s School Concert will take place on Thursday 15th June 2017; with performances at 2pm and 7pm.

The theme for the performance is ‘A Night at the Movies’.

Each class in P6 and 7 will perform a section based on a famous film and we would appreciate if you could support us by providing a costume for your child.

The classes have discussed the costumes they require with their teacher and the table below should act as a reminder.

N.B – a number of pupils have parts within their class sections which require different costumes– pupils      will have discussed this with their teachers.



P6.21 Retro video game inspired costumes (Mario/Sonic/Pacman etc)

Pupils have discussed roles and costumes with class teacher.

P6.22 Girls: Black and white

Boys: White shirt, black trousers and a black bow tie if possible

P6.23 ·         googles or head torch

·         Belt

·         large backpack(possible with attachment and preferably black)

·         pale coloured clothes/overalls/zip up paint suit

·         Black gloves(leather if possible)

·         Boots or black shoes

·         mucky faces

P6.24 Pupils allocated roles


Teacups- dressed in white

Cutlery – Black – accessory to be made in class

Candlesticks – yellow t-shirt (trousers to if possible)

P7.25 Girls: Colourful t-shirt/top, leggings

High ponytail wrapped around into a bun like a Troll

Hairband with netting pulled up like a Troll’s hairstyle


Boys: Navy/black t-shirt (or coloured t-shirt), coloured trousers

Glitter/coloured hairspray

P7.26 Timone: Beige and Yellow

Pumba: Brown T-Shirts, Black, Grey

Simba: Orange/Reds

P7.27 Gym Kit/Sportswear, Sweatbands, Boxing type accessories
P7.28 ABBA: 70’s style Abba clothes such as bright colours, flares
Choir Boys to wear shorts, not denim or obvious football types, with a self coloured, non logo t-shirt. braces and long socks optional.

Girls could wear flared skirts with a blouse or t-shirt. Could be self- coloured or patterned/flowery with ankle socks.


Could all items for the show be clearly labelled and placed in a labelled carrier bag.

Costumes should be in school by Friday 9th June.