Our Wind farm Trip

On Wednesday 26th April we went on our school trip to the wind farm. We went on a bus and it was really fun. We saw houses, trees, bushes and people. Some of us felt a bit sleepy on the bus but I didn’t! Actually, I felt wide awake.

When we got there, I was so excited. We were split into two groups and one group started with going on a small bus called a mini bus which took us round the wind farm to a giant wind turbine and when we got off the bus I hugged it.

When we got back, we did some science about wind, sun and rain! Also, we got to play about and fiddle with stuff. ~ Abbie

When we were on the mini bus, we learned information about animals in the wind farm and wind turbines ~ Leo

The bus driver showed us pictures of a yellow spider and dragonfly and it had red eyes ~ Menahil

We did three experiments in the work shop. The wind experiment was when we had to see if we could make electricity ~ Emma

The trip was awesome! ~ Leon

Primary 2 had a great time at the wind farm and learned lots about wind turbines and different ways of creating electricity using renewable and non-renewable sources. Thank you very much to our parent helpers for joining us on our adventure.