Lots of Active Learning

The Circles group have been learning about right angles. We had to take pictures of right angles in the classroom. – Eilidh M

In maths the Triangles group were learning about partitioning. Partitioning is breaking up the tens and units of a number into smaller numbers. – Ailsa

We partitioned numbers to work out how to get to that number in smaller numbers. We got the number that we partitioned and added on 19. – Charlotte

The Squares group have been looking at scales to see how much things weigh. – Eilidh P

This week out in the MUGA we did relay races and people were chosen for the house relay races at sports day. – Adam H

P2 are all really looking forward to sports day on Monday afternoon next week.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Information, Information, Information!

The triangles group have been learning about Carroll Diagrams. A Carroll Diagram is when you have to split the right things into the right boxes. – Emma

We could put in animals or anything else for our criteria and we did this by putting words at the top and the side. – Harry

The Circles group have been learning about even numbers and odd numbers. – Humza

We were also learning to write a letter and we had to write our address and the date. Then we had to give Antlers the reindeer advice to get him home to the North Pole. – Jamie


Primary 2a really enjoyed sorting information in maths or giving advice in their letter during writing this week. The children will be taking their super letters home very soon to show you.


Our Wind farm Trip

On Wednesday 26th April we went on our school trip to the wind farm. We went on a bus and it was really fun. We saw houses, trees, bushes and people. Some of us felt a bit sleepy on the bus but I didn’t! Actually, I felt wide awake.

When we got there, I was so excited. We were split into two groups and one group started with going on a small bus called a mini bus which took us round the wind farm to a giant wind turbine and when we got off the bus I hugged it.

When we got back, we did some science about wind, sun and rain! Also, we got to play about and fiddle with stuff. ~ Abbie

When we were on the mini bus, we learned information about animals in the wind farm and wind turbines ~ Leo

The bus driver showed us pictures of a yellow spider and dragonfly and it had red eyes ~ Menahil

We did three experiments in the work shop. The wind experiment was when we had to see if we could make electricity ~ Emma

The trip was awesome! ~ Leon

Primary 2 had a great time at the wind farm and learned lots about wind turbines and different ways of creating electricity using renewable and non-renewable sources. Thank you very much to our parent helpers for joining us on our adventure.







Science and Maths Fun!

Yesterday (on Thursday) we made windsocks and we made it with a green piece of paper which we had to decorate. Then we had to decorate strips of paper and stick it in between the dots on the green piece of paper. After that we got a bit of Sellotape and we rolled up the piece of green paper and stuck it together. (Muhammad)

Some people used glue to stick the green piece of paper together. Today (Friday) we tested it out. (Hirah)

There was hardly any wind today so it didn’t blow very well. (Thomas)

We are going to test them out at home instead. (Elise)

It might not be windy just now but it might be at night time. (Adam H)

The Triangles group have recently been using number lines to 100 and adding in tens with Miss Murchie and Ms Biggart. (Ailsa)

The Circles group have been adding in 1’s and 2’s and have been using the equals sign, less than sign and more than sign to compare numbers. (Jamie)

The Squares group have been learning how to subtract 9 and we started with taking away 10 and then add back on 1. (Ruby)

The Squares group have also been subtracting tens and units as well. We have been using invisible number lines to help us. (Timothy)


This week in topic we have been learning about different types of weathers.

In maths we have been doing different 3D shape stations and we had to count the faces, corners and edges and make our own 3D shapes.

Take a look for yourself!

By Noor and Muhammad




Our Bonny Scotland

Our topic at the moment is Scotland, so this week we have been celebrating Robert Burns. We made a Burns Supper menu with foods on it like Broth soup, haggis, neeps and tatties and shortbread ice cream with chocolate sauce – YUM! We listened to Auld Lang Syne and we have been learning about old Scots language by matching old Scottish words to their meanings: like Ben means mountain, auld means old and dreich means a cold and wet day. We have also made a Scottish wordle in the shape of a thistle with all the new Scotland-related words we have been learning in our topic so far.

Last week we focused on different places in Scotland like Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow and we had to write the places on the map.

We have really enjoyed learning about different places, Scottish artefacts and a famous Scot.

Christmas Counts

P2a got an elf on Monday and he is called Elfie. He got delivered to the classroom in a gold box with a red bow on top. On Tuesday he was hanging from the Christmas lights, on Wednesday he was hiding in the hide and seek box, on Thursday he was drawing a picture of Santa and everyone’s name in the class and on Friday Elfie was doing a jigsaw puzzle. Elfie also moved into his new house that Emma made and a stocking that Thomas made. Elfie was being a little bit cheeky this week and was found in the staffroom hanging on a washing line.

We made a card for Elfie because next Wednesday he is going to leave and sleep over at Miss Murchie’s house before he goes back to the North Pole. We thought of different messages for inside the card like: have a good journey, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we will miss you, we love you and we liked your hiding places.

This year we performed our nativity to the whole school and to parents. We also had our Christmas party this week and we were playing lots of games. We were really excited.


With love from P2


Countdown to Christmas

In maths, the Squares have been learning to add 2 digit numbers together using a 100 number line by counting on in tens and then adding in ones. The Triangles group have been adding ten, twenty and thirty to  2 digit numbers. When we add on a ten, the units stay the same and the number of tens gets bigger. The Circles group have been making number bonds to 13 by using 13 cubes and subtracting different numbers each time to calculate what is left.

In the afternoons, we have been working on making a little table sitter of a 3D rainforest. One side of our model  we had a lovely drawing of a rainforest and at the other side we had the rainforest chopped down to show deforestation.

Also, we have been learning about a frog’s life cycle. A frog starts off as an egg, then a tadpole grows inside the egg. The egg then cracks and hatches and the tadpole develops into a froglet.