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P7 Castle Toward – Tuesday

Everyone loved the late night walk last night and eventually all settled down to a good night’s sleep!

This morning started off dry, but not for all the groups.  Miss Taylor and her group undertook the challenge of the gorge walk.  Thankfully, there were no spiders to distract Miss Taylor. Meanwhile, Catriona and John reached the highest point on the High Rope Challenge and Damien took the lead in a challenge to rescue the teachers from across the swamp using only a few crates. Perhaps the biggest suprise of the day was that he actually wanted to rescue the teachers!








 The children also had to get the ‘toxic waste’ from the poisoned grassland without spilling it.  If it falls over, run……!

Oh What a Show!!!

We all had a fantastic time last night.  We hope you all enjoyed, “The Wizard of Clarkston” too.  All of the children and staff are absolute stars. They worked so hard to make last night so very special.  The costumes looked stunning and the band were excellent. 

Thanks again to all our helpers that gave their time and energy into making last night such a fantastic experience and demonstrating, again, how all the Busby Family work together to ensure our children have these amazing opportunities.

If you would like to make a comment about the show, please reply to this post.  Thank-you

University of Glasgow Mathematics Challenge 2012

In a competition of 1428 entrants, the following pupils achieved an award at the year’s Primary Maths Challenge.

Cami was awarded a silver certificate and Reagan and Nadia achieved a bronze certificate.    The competition requires the students to solve three sets of problems and challenges over the year. Well done to the other pupils who also took part in this.  We hope to enter this competition again next year.

Have a go at one of the problems and post your answer. Good luck!

A water tank can be filled by any combination of three different taps.  With the smallest tap the tank can be filled in 20 minutes.  With the middle tap the tank can be filled in 12 minutes. With the largest tap the tank can be filled in 5 minutes.  How long does it take to fill the tank with all three taps running.  Explain your reasoning.

Science Fayre Friday 16th March 1.45pm – 2.45pm

All parents are invited to come along to the Science Fayre on Friday 16th March to celebrate the end of Science Week 2012.  There will be a short presentation about Curriculum for Excellence and how Science is taught at Busby and then you will have the opportunity of seeing pupils showcase their work and have a go at some of the experiements yourself.  We look forward to seeing you then.

Burns Poetry, Art and Song Competition

This year we will be celebrating Scottish poetry and songs to celebrate the life and work of Robert Burns.  Each class will select poems to learn and recite.  The top three recitals will perform at special assemblies on the 25th January.  Child in P5 – 7 also have the opportunity, if they wish, of learning a Scottish song to perform. Pupils in P6 and 7 may also wish to enter the Art competition to illustrate a verse from a Scottish poem. 

Please supoprt your child by helping them to learn and recite their chosen poem.  We look forward to hearing them.