GO4Set – Stem Competition (S2 Students Only)

Barrhead High have been lucky enough to be selected to take part in the Go4SET STEM competition.

S2 students will have the chance to work as a team, supported by a mentor from Micron, to solve a real-life STEM problem.

The competition starts at an event in Paisley University, where students meet their mentor and decide on the problem they want to work on. Over ten weeks, students will meet after school, joined regularly by their mentor, to design and create a solution to their STEM problem.

The students will also have the chance to visit Micron, to see how their mentor’s work relates to STEM. Finally, the project is finishes with a second event at Paisley University, where students celebrate their achievements and hopefully win an award for their designed solution.

All S2 students will receive a presentation on this event today (Thurs, 24th Jan). If they are interested in the competition, then they should let Mr Boag (Maths) know ASAP.  At this stage I have one mentor that can support one team of six students, although I can ask for a second mentor, should there been sufficient demand.

It is important that students volunteering for this competition realise that with Paisley University and Micron involved, it is important that students do not start this competition and then drop-out. #We’re-in-it-to-win-it