Onthank Home Learning

Onthank Young People & Families,

Our staff have been busy creating exciting and engaging home learning packs and digital learning activities for our young people.  

Activities, as always, will be active, fun and inclusive for all learners, regardless of ability.

Here is a summary for each stage –

Primary 1 – Pack with parent letter,  logins and passwords, jotter,  pencil, worksheets,  materials and ideas for cross- curricular activities, Information on P1 class blog

Primary 2– Pack with parent letter,  logins and passwords,  worksheets,  materials and ideas for cross- curricular activities, Information on P2 class blog

Primary 3  – Pack with parent letter ( logins and passwords sent with report),  jotter and P 3 class blog with a page for each teacher.

Primary 4 – Pack with a parental letter giving instructions on P4 blog,  range of worksheets, literacy, numeracy, jotter with Glow log ins.  

Primary 5– Teams page for communication, lessons, folders with maths and numeracy, literacy and french. 

Primary 6 – Teams page for communication, lessons, packs made up for individual children

Primary 7– Teams page for communication, ON-LINE lessons  posted daily,  folder with assessments, jotters etc

At Onthank we are very proud of the level of digital learning and ownership our young people have already achieved. All learners in Primary 5, 6 & 7 have been using Teams and communication between teacher and learner has already begun!

Click here for – Microsoft Teams Guidance for Parents

We will issue guidance on the amount of communication you can expect from teaching staff in the coming week. This will vary between stages due to the different activities planned by staff.

Learning Packs will be available today and tomorrow and will be given to pupils to bring home if they are attending school. Other resources such as sanitary items, toothbrushes and toothpaste are free to anyone who needs them. 

We are aware that some families are already self-isolating, therefore the school will get Learning Packs to you.  Please fill in the form below to let us know how you wish to receive yours. This form only needs to be filled in if your child has been absent from school in the last week.

You might be inclined to create  a minute by minute schedule for your child, however, like many of us,  they have never experienced anything like this before and will share the same worries and fears.

It is equally important at this time to comfort, care for each other and consider transferable life skills which can be learned at home. Why not take a break from Learning Packs and play board games, bake cookies, or to do a science experiment together?

Please also remember it will take time for all of us to adjust to this ‘new normality’.

Sincere thanks from Onthank Primary SLT and Staff for your understanding, cooperation and support in these unprecedented times. The offers of help and acts of kindness from our community is an outstanding display of your passion and genuine care for our young people.

We will miss our young people greatly, however remain encouraged Onthank Primary Community will reflect and learn from this and come back creating a stronger future for all.

Please continue to reach out to us during these times. We are all in this together.



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