Cyber safe

We are keen to support parents to ensure all young people are Cyber safe, especially with the growing use of a wide range of Apps and online forms of communication (WhatsApp/TikTok/Instagram/Snapchat etc). As part of our continued commitment, we are delighted to promote our new ‘Safer Schools’ App. This App is a reliable source of advice on all things Cyber. It gives empowering, current and informative information on all current digital platforms/tools/apps in an accessible manner. We have a range of tailored user accesses (pupil, staff and parents/carers). To access your parent platform please:
-Go to your app store or Google Play and search for ‘Safer School’
-In school field type ‘East Ayrshire Council’
-The code for primary parents is: 7440
We would recommend that you discuss with your child about which apps and social media platforms they currently use/access. This will help ensure they know how to stay safe online – using the app to start these types of conversations is great.

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