This Week’s Star Pupils





Primary 1

Shane – Working hard with French numbers.

Oscar – Working hard at all times in class.

Starla – Contributing to a class discussion about interesting sentences.

Emily – Fabulous Phonics, well done!


Primary 2

Ava – Outstanding effort and writing

Connor – using spelling strategies to write larger words.

Euan  – Fantastic writing


Primary 3

Blaine – Super spelling

Charli – trying hard with her Scottish poem

Shanai – settling in well to her new school! Lovely girl!

Khayri – super 2 x table work


Primary 4

Jack – always trying hard and always smiling

Olivia – being very helpful in class

Asmaa – writing super sentences about the Titanic

Esa – reciting her poem beautifully


Primary 5

Ryan – Progress in  maths

Lewis – Good comprehension answers for All about Castles

Amy – fantastic work in writing


Primary 6

Liam – Learning his poem

Chloe – A fantastic Scottish Burns recital poem – The Puddock

Daniel – Being an excellent contribution during class discussions


Primary 7

Katie – Motivation to learn even when facing challenges

Andrew – has done some great work in currency conversion in Numeracy

P7S – being a pleasure to teach. Good Luck!

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