This Week’s Star Pupils

Primary 1

Corey – making sensible choices and trying hard

Emma – writing super sentences

Riley – trying really hard to make positive choices

Hannah – achieving a personal goal

Primary 2

Sofia – super Numeracy work – well done!

Kyle – using various movement skills well during PE

Tehya – learning lots of letters in our alphabet

Kerr – always being helpful in class

Primary 3

Jay – super subtracting

Amelia – fab Christmas news writing

Logan – super subtraction skills

Mylie – always being well behaved and mannerly

Primary 4

Ross – working hard on his maths even though he found it very hard!

Maddison – supporting her classmate during an ICT task

All of P4K – working super hard on addition with carrying

Alfie – displaying lovely manners

Primary 5

Luke – well considered answers

James – always displaying a responsible attitude

All of P5T – their hard work and enthusiasm in numeracy

Primary 6

Nathan – super participation in discussion & having a great attitude to his learning.

Jennifer – always working hard

Tom – great improvement in literacy assessments

Jay – Excellent effort in all curricular areas

Primary 7

Jamie – enthusiasm for all learning

Brandon – returning to school with a positive mental attitude

James – his tremendous performance during mastermind

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