Home Learning W.B. 3/5/21

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great long weekend 🙂

Here are your home learning tasks for this week. Please email all tasks to me by Friday 7th May.


Your spelling word lists are in the document below. This week we are looking at spelling strategies for tricky words.

Please complete 3 different spelling activities to practise spelling your words (e.g. pyramids, rainbow words, bubble/fancy words, sentences, practise spelling test etc.)


Access the following books on Bug Club:


  • Saving a Sea Monster! Read chapters 4-5 (p39-56)
  • Complete bug questions on p48 and p56.
  • Complete Saving a Sea Monster PCM sheet- create your own sea monster and describe it using adjectives, similes and metaphors.
  • Saving a Sea Monster PCM


  • Beowulf Meets His Match- Read Chapters 4-5 (p37-47)
  • Complete Bug Questions on p39 and p48
  • Complete Beowulf Meets His Match PCM sheet- Rewrite pages 37–40 as if Grendel was telling the story. 
  • Beowulf PCM Sheet


  • Sarah Jane Adventures: Haunted House- Read Chapter 4 (p18-24)
  • Complete Bug Questions on p21, p22 and p24.
  • Complete Haunted House PCM sheet- Imagine you are walking through the tunnel and describe what you can see, hear and feel. 
  • Haunted House PCM


For maths homework this week, Diamonds and Squares are working on converting mixed numbers and improper fractions, as we have been doing in class. Triangles are consolidating addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Have a great week 🙂