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Happy Halloween

We have had lots of fun today at our Halloween party!

We danced, played games and had a special party snack!

We will post pictures of all the fabulous costumes!

Have a great weekend & stay safe!

Happy Killiewean


🎄 Christmas fundraiser 🎄

We are taking part in a Christmas fundraiser this year to raise money for the ECC.

The children have all made their own Christmas design and these have been sent away to the company for printing. Each child will receive a sample of their work, which you can then have printed on to Christmas cards, tea towels, wrapping paper etc – these will make great gifts for family & friends!

The ECC will receive a percentage of all sales.

More details to follow in due course.

Friday Maths Activity

In the Ecc we always exploring filling and pouring both indoors and outdoors. Why not get some jugs, cups, bowls and take them in a bath and have some fun.

Can you fill them full and them make it empty? Which object is the biggest or smallest How many cups to fill the jug? Which object feels heavier.

We hope you have enjoyed taking part in our Maths week.

Thursday Maths Activity

Each day in the ECC we make playdough. We have a recipe we follow. Why not give it a try or see what recipes you can find and make your own things.
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 tablespoons oil
4 teaspoons cream of tartar
2 cups hot water (get a grown up to help with this bit)