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Communication Tip of the Month

Here are some fun activities for you to enjoy with your children at home. We have added a link to the website which includes a story – The Dawn Chorus by Suzanne Barton.

These activities will help you communication with your child in different ways.

Watch and listen to the birds

Go outside to your garden or an outside space. Look around carefully and listen to the sounds you can hear. Can you see or hear any birds singing? Try it at different times of the day and talk about what you have discovered.

Hanging birds

Create your own birds like the ones in the book. Visit Suzanne Barton’s website for a template or draw your own. You can paint or colour the birds and even add feathers and googly eyes. Encourage your child to talk about what they are doing as they create their birds.


We hope you have lots of fun

from Mrs Steele and Mrs Donaldon

Communication Champions.

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Virtual Drop Ins are now available every Tuesday afternoon 3pm-6pm and every Friday morning 9:30am – 12:30pm.

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