World of Work Week – We need your help!

In April we will be participating in World of Work Week. The main aim of this week is to allow the children to gain knowledge about some of the different jobs available in the world around them. Within the ECC we will provide the children with lots of fun experiences to spark their imagination and build the foundations for their future.  To give them an idea of what jobs they could aim to have when they grow up – we need your help!
Due to the current restrictions this year, we are unable to have visitors in to speak to our children about the jobs they do. Therefore we are asking if any of our parents/carers would be willing to provide us with a short video telling us all about their job. These videos will be shown to the ECC children to allow them to learn all about the different types of jobs that are available when they grow up.

Within the video you could include the following: job title, job role, who you help, the uniform you wear, the products you produce or the tools you use.

We would appreciate it if you could email any videos to by Friday 19th April to allow time for editing.

We hope you can help and look forward to seeing all the different types of jobs our parents/carers have.

Keeping the spirits high

We were delighted yesterday to see so many very excited faces (children, parents and staff!) when the Easter Bunny arrived at Catrine !!!!

Here are just a few of them …..

Harper was very happy to find out she had won our Bunny Bonus Ball !

Thank you to everyone for purchasing balls and to Carrie for her wonderful balloon.

We raised an amazing total of £166 !

Happy Easter everyone 🐣


Bunny Bonus Ball Winner !!!!

After recording a super “live” video on the number generator APP unfortunately it will not allow us to upload it to GLOW.

However we are happy to announce ………. drum roll please ………. that the winner of the super duper sweet filled easter bunny balloon is ………..

Number 31


CONGRATULATIONS – Your balloon will be ready to be collected at pick up time today.

Who had the Catrine ECC EGG FACTOR 2021 ?????

A huge “Thank You” to everyone for their outstanding efforts into their EGGS FACTOR designs. They were all truly amazing.

We couldn’t pick just one winner so Janet ran to the Co-op for more prizes and now we have three! (And even THAT was hard!)

Jack Hamilton

Logan Welsh

April Johnston

Well done everyone. Happy Easter!

The Egg Factor

As an Easter challenge we were wondering if you could decorate your own egg and bring it to the ECC on Wednesday 31st March with you?  We would love to see your designs and how creative you can be.

Parents can be involved too 😊 You can design your own egg individually or to match your child’s, e.g. batman and robin. There might even be a prize for the best designed egg.

We would ask parents to encourage their children to produce as much of their own work as possible (Parent eggs can be where you showcase your talents LOL).

These will be displayed outside for everyone to see.

Here are some ideas if you wish to use any of them. We cannot wait to see how creative you can be 🙂

Have an eggcellent time!




Easter at Catrine ECC

From Monday 29th March parents, carers and children will be able to purchase a “Bunny Bonus Ball” to be in with the chance of winning a fabulous Easter bunny balloon filled with yummy sweet treats.

Bunny Bonus Balls will be priced at £1 each and will be available at both drop off and pick up times Monday – Wednesday next week with the generator draw taking place at 10am on Thursday morning.

Throughout the week the children will be taking part in fun easter activities within both bubbles.

Carrie has set a challenge for children AND PARENTS for Wednesday (more details to follow)

And on Thursday we are hoping to have a surprise guest visitor a the ECC.

REMINDER – EAC schools and ECCs close at 2.30pm on Thursday for the Easter break. Doors to the ECC will open earlier on this day to allow for parents and carers to get to feeding schools in time as well as a photo opportunity with our visitor – times are as follows:-

MINIBEASTS – 1.55pm – 2.10pm

SEA CREATURES – 2.10pm – 2.25pm

Children and staff return to the centre on Monday 19th April 2021.

A huge big THANK YOU

Everyone here at Catrine ECC would like to take this opportunity to say an enormous THANK YOU to Gillian (Harry’s mum) who donated £100 to the centre last week after collecting money from an online bonus ball generator.

We are delighted to accept your very kind donation and the children have already started thinking about some new resources they might like to spend the money on.

Once the votes are in and verified we will be sure to send you a picture of our new toys 🙂

Thank you again Gillian – from Catrine ECC xxx

Numeracy challenge card

Hi everyone, this week in the ECC some of the children have been talking about families and comparing the heights of their friends to see who is the tallest and smallest.
Therefore this weeks challenge card is to try and find out who is the tallest and smallest in your family?

You could draw a picture to show us who is the tallest and smallest.

Please send your pictures to

Concept Cat – Week 3

Good afternoon everyone. Firstly, I would just like to start by apologising on the delay of the Concept Cat initiative, we have been very busy within the ECC. I was planning on carrying out the last two sessions within the ECC, however due to the current situation and being in two bubbles I thought it would be best to make it a home link.

Go to this Sway


Remember to send in all your hard work to my email I will be entering this into our Literacy Floorbook.

Bonnie was Back

Today Bonnie was introduced to all of our Sea Creatures.

(Our Jellyfish and Starfish group pictures will be uploaded on Monday)

Again, Bonnie had such a fab day and is currently lying exhausted at my feet after meeting so many new friends today 🙂

This bubble also spoke of the importance of having gentle hands with Bonnie and what we need to give her to keep her happy and healthy.

Rhys – bones

April – you need to play with her

Ava G – water to drink

Tyler – a lead so she doesn’t run away onto the road

Theia – a bouncy ball

Logan R – dry and wet food

Have a great weekend everyone. From Team Catrine and our newest recruit Bonnie 🙂


Well, as most of you would have seen yesterday morning Bonnie finally got to make her first appearance at the centre.

Like all of our “new starts” she is on a settling in period just now and in line with her risk assessment is meeting small groups of children, in separate bubbles at a time.

Yesterday Bonnie met all of the Magnificent Minibeasts and she had a ball!

The children have been learning all about nurture and how you would care for different living things such as babies, plants and, of course, animals on the run up to her arrival.

Bonnie joined in at group time for her first day, and listened well to the children’s ideas of what she needs to make her feel happy, loved and cared for. Some of the children even had a wee turn at telling her to sit – she showed off and gave a paw, so obviously got rewarded with a wee treat 🙂

Adam – dog food and treats

Emily C – water

Layla – walks and a lead

Ayla C – poop bags because if you don’t it goes on your shoes

Abi – cuddles

Harry – a bed

While Bonnie was here she thoroughly enjoyed exploring in both of our outdoor areas and can’t wait to get back to the ECC to spend some time with the Sea Creatures.

Wednesday 17th March 2021

As the Communication Champion within Catrine ECC, I have started a new initiative which is ‘Rhyme of the Month’. This will be posted each month on GLOW, and you will be able to find it within the Communication tab on our GLOW page. This initiative is something that can be enjoyed at home with all the family.

Also, each month children from both bubbles will perform the ‘Rhyme of the Month’ in the outdoor space and I will post this to GLOW for all parents and carers to enjoy.

Julie Nohar – Communication Champion

Red Nose Day

On Friday 19th March we will be supporting Comic Relief by wearing something red. The children can also come along to the centre wearing something red. A donation bucket will be placed beside Janet at both drop off and pick up times to allow parents to make a donation, if they wish to.

Any money collected will be split in half between the charity and our Catrine ECC snack fund.

Thank you for your continued support.


STEM week!

It has been an exciting week here at the ECC celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with a huge range of fantastic new resources.  Each bubble have had the chance to explore and investigate our terrific learning opportunities with the silent disco being a huge hit!  We have been so busy and the week has been jam packed with learning and laughter. The smiles on the children’s faces and the excitement and curiosity during experiments has been superb. We hope everyone has a great weekend and comes back refreshed and full of beans next week ready to explore our nurture focus

Press on the link below to enjoy this weeks highlights.

Numeracy at home

Good afternoon boys and girls, I hope you are all well.  We are adding a mathematical theme to our GLOW blog every second week to help promote numeracy and all it entails, using a range of household and outdoor resources.


Today we have a little challenge – can you all look through the house and see how many circular objects you can find? When you have found what you are looking for you could draw some pictures and send them to me.

Walking outside, you could also look for circular or other shaped objects and let me know by either taking pictures, or drawing them for me.