Today was the start of our transition visits to Primary 1.  The ECC children enjoyed exploring the classroom, participating in kids Zumba, designing their own coat peg pictures and drawing with their buddies on the Promethean board.

Primary 1 children and the buddies did an amazing job ensuring the ECC children had a lovely warm welcome and felt included.


Catrine PS and ECC – Curriculum Rationale

In line with the review of our Vision, Values and Aims, all staff at both Catrine PS and ECC have been involved in updating our Curriculum Rationale. 

Our Curriculum Rationale is unique to Catrine, and it highlights ‘What we want for our children and young people, and how we are going to work together to achieve this.

All staff were consulted and answers collated to emphasise our priorities to ensure excellence in teaching and learning experiences.

The words in the border around our Curriculum Rationale highlight the authority and national guidelines and priorities which guide our practice, and the key elements of

A Curriculum for Excellence which drives our planning and assessment.

I am pleased and proud to share our Curriculum Rationale with you.

Mrs Govans

curriculum rationale


Catrine PS and ECC – Vision, Values and Aims

We regularly highlight our Vision, Values and Aims with our pupils in both our school and ECC through a variety of activities, and our pupils have a good understanding of what they mean and how we apply them at Catrine PS and ECC.  Through monthly GLOW questionnaires, we ask parents/carers for their opinions and comments about our school and ECC, and their responses are always very much appreciated. As a staff, we annually review our Vision, Values and Aims and have collaborated to produce a poster detailing them, which will be a reference point for future discussions with our pupils, and for our priorities moving forward.  Our Vision, Values and Aims poster highlight our priorities and give examples of how we put them into action in our establishments.

I’m proud to present you with our new Vision, Values and Aims poster which will be proudly displayed in both our school and ECC.

Coming soon – our new Curriculum Rationale.

Mrs Govans

vision, values, aims

Education Scotland report

I am delighted to provide you with the latest report from Education Scotland and East Ayrshire Council for Catrine PS and ECC.  It states that both establishments are now officially signed off from the inspection process.  Staff at both Catrine PS and ECC are very pleased with the report, and we are proud to be sharing it with you.

Mrs Govans

Please click on the link below:

Catrine Parents re HMIe Follow-Up



Update – Shared Headship Sorn P.S.

East Ayrshire Council have arranged for a full-time Senior Manager to start at Sorn Primary School from  Monday 13 January to ensure that both Catrine P.S. and Sorn P.S. have a full-time Head Teacher in place.  This means that I will resume my original time-table.  Thank you for your understanding and support during this period of transition.

Mrs Govans

Follow-up information

Dear Parents/Carers

I am delighted and very proud to inform you that I have just received confirmation from Education Scotland that both Catrine Primary School and Catrine ECC are both fully signed off from the inspection process following our EAC Authority review in October. This is a testament to the commitment, dedication and professionalism of all members of staff at both establishments. Official notification from Education Scotland will follow in the new year.

What wonderful news to be able to share with you right before the Christmas Holidays!

Mrs Govans



Dear Parents/Carers

At East Ayrshire’s request as from Monday 6 January 2020 I will be temporarily taking over a shared headship with Sorn Primary School. This means that I will be working between Catrine Primary School, Catrine ECC and Sorn Primary School. Our open door policy remains unchanged, please contact Catrine Primary School office to make an appointment. I remain committed to ensuring that Catrine Primary School and ECC continue to deliver excellent learning and teaching experiences for our pupils.

Thank you.

Mrs Govans