It’s Summer!!

With the PS and ECC closing today at 1.00pm for the start of the summer holidays, I would like to take this opportunity to say a few thank yous …

Thanks to the staff in both establishments – ELCP practitioners, office staff, Classroom Assistants and teachers –  for their flexibility, enthusiasm and commitment in working together to get organised for our August return.  Our playrooms and classrooms are set up, resources are organised and timetables are done – no doubt there will be changes to be made over the summer and we will continue to update you via our ECC and PS blog and APP.

Special thanks to …

  • Helen Hall who has worked throughout this time at Auchinleck Academy kitchen whilst cleaning our PS
  • Janet Fleming for working weekly at the Auchinleck Hub along with her ECC committments
  • Stuart McCreath for his great help with the physical set-up of our classrooms and PS areas
  • Mrs McDicken, Kim and Deborah for their brilliant resource-ordering skills over the last few weeks to ensure that our establishments are well stocked and ready for our pupils to return
  • Alana, Depute Manager at Catrine ECC, and Mrs Schendel, Principal Teacher, for the hours spent on groupings, timetabling, staff rotas and planning
  • our PS Parent Council for their continued support
  • the parents/carers, family and friends of our pupils for your brilliant efforts at home learning during this time – you have organised some truly wonderful learning activities for your children and they have loved spending this time with you
  • and last, but by no means least, to the children of Catrine ECC and PS who have risen wonderfully to the challenge of home learning. They had to adapt so quickly to a whole new way of learning, away from their friends, teachers and ECC and school environment and we have missed them every day

At the end of any school year there are always goodbyes to be said too.

At the ECC we wish Marion well as she starts her new job, and at the PS we say goodbye to Miss Robb, Miss Robertson and Mr Speirs as they move onto the next stage of their education careers. I would like to thank them all for their professionalism and dedication to the children of Catrine – they have all been such important members of our staff teams.

Good luck to our Primary 7 pupils as they move onto secondary school – we had a brilliant visit with them and their parents yesterday in our playground and it was great to see them.  We have a ‘proper’ P7 Leavers Day still to come – details to follow …

Good luck to our ECC leavers – we look forward to welcoming our new P1 pupils into Catrine PS and I’m sure our pupils heading to other schools will settle in quickly too.

So I’ll sign off as usual, take care, stay safe and keep in touch.

Mrs Govans x


Friday 26th June – Daily Task

Good morning everyone, I can’t believe we are on our last day and then it is our summer holidays!

I felt that today instead of doing a daily task I could provide you all with a summer checklist – you can use some of my ideas or make your own and do new things and challenge yourself!

All I ask is when you do some new, fun and exciting things if you can send them to my email so I can see all your summer adventures!-

Remember you do not need to do these, they are just ideas for you and your family for over the summer – you can do your own things too! Just remember to send them over to my email 🙂


I just want to wish you all the best over the summer holidays – good luck to our children going into primary 1. I am sure you will all love it! Also, to our returners, I cannot wait to see you all again in August to hear all of your fabulous stories! – Leoni x

Thursday 25th June – Daily Post

Volume Water Fun

Let’s have some fun today with water. Can you gather some different sized pots/bowls & cups?

Try filling your cup with water and pouring it into your pot or bowl – how many cups of water does it take?

Get a bigger or smaller cup and do the same – does the pot take the same amount of cups to fill it? Keep trying different sized pots or bowls and different sized cups – I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the different amounts it takes to fill each one.


Hope you have fun x

Smiley, Smiley emoji, Emoticon

Headteacher’s Challenge #28

Happy, glorious, sunny Thursday morning to you all.

I can’t believe this is the second last day of Term 4 – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed posting my silly tasks for you to try during this time and I’ve loved seeing your posts and photos – they’ve made me smile every Tuesday and Thursday so thank you !

Lots of activity in the ECC this week – staff cleaning resources and setting up playrooms for brilliant learning environments for our August return.  I hope you’ve all had a chance to see the wonderful ‘ECC Virtual Tour’ video produced by the staff – I know they had a great laugh doing their filming!

It was great to meet up with our new P1 parents for an information session at the PS on Tuesday – they had lots of questions and Miss Burleigh and Michelle can’t wait for our 12 new Primary 1 pupils to join us in August – they have so many brilliant activities in store for them.

I know lots of you are waiting for information from the ECC about sessions, days and times for August – please know that we will be in touch as soon as we have a confirmed way forward for our children.  Over the summer, please email Alana or myself with any concerns or questions – we can always access our email and will always get back to you.

Today’s challenge is a singing one and a wee bit different from the PS singing challenge as their song is REALLY fast!  I hope you enjoy hopping, skipping and twirling with this one …

As always, stay safe, take care and keep in touch.  Mrs Govans x

Wednesday 24th June

For my last post before the summer I have a fun game that you can try and build to keep you entertained over the summer holidays.

Build a marble run!


You will need : a carboard box lid or a paper plate, paper, straws, scissors, glue and a marble/small ball.

Step 1 – Cut a few strips of paper (depending on the size of your lid/plate). These will be your tunnels or barriers.

Step 2 – Glue the paper to the cardboard lid/paper plate ensure you leave enough room for your marble to roll through. You could also add some straws to make a track.

Step 3 – Place your marble on the lid/plate and try and move it around your course.

If you make tunnels with the paper on you marble run (like the plate picture above) then you could make the game more challenging. You could add a numbers, letters or even a sum to the top of each tunnel and when your marble goes through the tunnel you need to identify what number/letter or what the answer is to the sum it went under is.

Have fun!

Enjoy the summer holidays see you all soon!


Hi everybody, please click on the link below to view our CATRINE ECC VIRTUAL TOUR of the ECC. Clips of the rooms were filmed at the start of last week and actually, we feel we have enhanced them even further each day since. More resources have been added, more areas have been established and more visual signage has been designed by the staff to help aid our children in their settling in process upon our return.

We cannot wait to see all of our returning children and families, and of course we are very excited to meet and get to know our new families.

Unfortunately, at this stage we are still unable to confirm patterns of attendance in August due to the regular changes and updates in guidance at this particular time.

Please continue to follow our Twitter page, school APP and any new information here on GLOW for updates as soon as we get them.

Thank you for both your understanding at this time and your continued support throughout this challenging time.

Alana Speirs

Depute Manager

Headteacher’s Challenge #27

Good morning on the last Tuesday of Term 4.

I can hardly believe that it’s the last week of the summer term, and that the school and ECC finishes for the summer holidays on Friday.  This has definitely been the strangest term in my 25 years of teaching!!

I am so proud of the staff of both Catrine ECC and PS, who have been working in both establishments over the last few weeks.  They have organised our teaching and learning spaces into safe, fun and inviting spaces for our pupils to start back to in August – it hasn’t been easy as there’s so much guidance to follow but their creativity, enthusiasm and teamwork has ensured that we feel really prepared for the start of next session.  Look out for a couple of videos over the next few days as they share our August preparations with you.

Today’s challenge could be tricky…  Remember I challenged you before to build a tower the height of yourself using all different objects – and lots of you completed the challenge brilliantly! 

I’m challenging you to be creative again – your challenge is to create a line of DIFFERENT objects from one wall of your house to the other side of your house (for instance, in my house I would start at my dining room door, go through into the hall and finish at the front door – that’s quite a distance) and you must use different objects – you can’t just create a line of pencils and think you’ve solved the challenge.  Each object must be different, and must be touching the object in front and behind it.

So get your thinking caps on and I look forward to seeing your great efforts – you never fail to impress! 🙂

As always, take care, stay safe and keep in touch.  Mrs Govans x

Thursday 18th June – Daily Task

Well, I am sad to say that the way our rota for posting falls this will personally be my last home learning GLOW post before we stop for our summer holidays.

So ….. for my final challenge I would like to split it into two.

Ante pre children


Preschool children

(please note – due to hayfever issues and dodgy eyes I thought it best not to scare the children and try to make them laugh instead haha – these videos make me look better than I actually do in real life right now 🙂 LOL.

Have a great day everyone.

Hugs and virtual Hi-5’s from Alana xxx

Headteacher’s Challenge #26

Happy Thursday morning to you all. 🙂

It’s been a lovely week in the ECC and school as staff have been back in – we’re only allowed a certain number of staff members in each day to comply with guidelines, but it’s been just great to catch up with everyone.

Lots of updates from EAC and the school will be coming your way over the next few days so please check our GLOW page and the ECC APP every day.

We are all, understandably, feeling a bit anxious about what ECC and school is going to look like in August so if you have any questions after reading the updates, please get in touch.

Today’s challenge is another one that is trickier than it sounds …

I challenge you to find an object in your house that is EXACTLY the same height or length as you.  Not something that is a wee bit taller or smaller but EXACTLY the same height or length.  In my house it took me ages to find something but I’ve discovered that the clothes horse/drying rail (or winter dykes as my mum calls them!) is EXACTLY the same height as me.  Let me know how you get on.

As always, stay safe, take care and keep in touch. Mrs Govans x

Wednesday 17th June – Daily Task

Number Catch Game with Active Apple Man

Really simple game that you can play with 2 players or just one.

You will need;

  • paper
  • pen
  • ball

2 players

  • First write several numbers each on a separate piece of paper, could be 0-5, 0-10
  • Scatter your numbers all over the floor or preferably in the garden
  • To begin start running around the numbers all over the space, being careful you don’t bump into anything and when the adult says so, run and jump onto a number
  • Players can now call out the number that they have landed on and pass the ball that amount of times to the other player

( you could take turns with what number you choose to throw and even talk about for ex; “Is 5 a bigger number than 3?”) 

1 player

  • Again use your number cards but this time when you land on that number could you try and do that amount of throwing up and catching yourself or bouncing off the ground or a wall outside

You could try different tricks with the ball, experiment and have fun.  This is a great opportunity to not only get some exercise but to focus on numeral recognition, counting skills, listening skills and turn-taking.

Have Fun


Tuesday 16th June – Daily Task

Transient Art

As part of our drive to promote and develop our children’s communication skills we have decided to set a few outdoor activities that you and your child can do together.

We hope you have fun with these ideas, spend time together and simply chat. Please be mindful of social distancing and be aware of others around you at this time.

We would love to see or hear how your child got on with the challenge either through discussions whilst attending the ECC or through uploading picture / photos to our email.


What can you find in the garden or when you’re out on a walk?

Gather up some leaves, stones, cones, small sticks – if you can’t go a walk look within your own garden or house.  Use a tray to make your picture upon or a cut out shape – be creative.






Remember if you have older / younger siblings within your family then they can be involved too.

We look forward to seeing all of your pictures.

Remember to send them to :-

Headteacher’s Challenge #25

Happy Tuesday morning to you all 🙂

Staff are allowed back in the Primary School and ECC this week, so Alana and Lesleyanne were in the ECC yesterday, with all of the other staff members coming in over the next few days.  It’s going to be great seeing them again – we’ve not seen each other since March!

Today’s challenge is another Estimation Challenge, as you all seemed to have such good fun with the Doors Estimation Challenge last week. 

Can you guess how many pairs of shoes you own?  Shoes can be any kind of footwear – trainers, sandals, slippers, football boots, wellies … Estimate how many pairs you have and then go and count them. 

Was your estimate close to your final answer?  Challenge some other people in your family to make a guess about their shoes total too.  Let me know how you get on.

As always, take care, stay safe and keep in touch.  Mrs Govans x

Can you help us please? 😀😀😀

We plan to make a simple “Virtual Tour” video for our new children and families starting in August. We hope that by showing them around our ECC and introducing them to our fabulous staff team it might help with the transition process and put their mind at ease a little about starting nursery in these uncertain times.

We can tell new parents what we offer and what we strive to achieve……but we believe your voices and views will be what they want to hear.

Under the circumstances this year our priority in August will be settling our children – both returners and new, it will be about emotional wellbeing and nurture, care and trust, relationships and respect.

We would appreciate it so much if you would take just 5/10 minutes to answer a few questions in relation to how you found your experience at Catrine ECC last year. We hope to use some of your responses in our short video.

Thank you in advance 🙂


Alana Speirs

Depute Manger


Friday 12th June – Daily Task

Good morning boys and girls, I hope you have been having a fantastic week!

Today, I have planned a fun and exciting activity for you to do at home with your family. This is a follow on from Marion’s lovely story about the gingerbread man. I know that the gingerbread man is a favourite within the nursery so I thought, why don’t we make our own gingerbread boy/girl and houses for them?!

Don’t worry, you do not need to go out and buy the packs if you do not wish – below are links to make your own from scratch!

Gingerbread man:

Gingerbread house:

Enjoy making your gingerbread and remember to be careful and get an adults help!

Remember to send your pictures and/or videos to my email –


Have a great weekend everyone, we will see you all again on Monday for more exciting activities! x