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My Avatar

I used v-Me to create my Glow avatar, and my ssssnake.

v-Me is a good place for creating avatars because it’s easy and fun to use.

It’s very good because you can give yourself fun things, like monsters for pets and astronaut suits.

I recommend it to anyone who wants a funny avatar.avatar angus

Paper Pylon Project

IMG_0004Last year, for a topic on Energy, we made electricity pylons out of paper rods and glue. We were going to have a ‘wind resistance’ test where we were going to put the ‘pylons’ in front of  a fan and the ‘pylon’ that took the longest time to fall down  would have won, but we never got round to it.1 We were dressed in superhero costumes while we were doing it as it was a Pudsey charity event(SOS). They took a very long time but were worth it for the end result, which was very good.



Funny, Silly, Cool, Smart

Son of Sara, Son of Scott

Monster Movies, Horror Games, Food

Anger, Fear, Excitement

Butterflies, Heights, Papa

Made plasticine creatures

Godzilla, The Beatles






Clever, Funny, Awesome, Tall

Son of Katherine, Son of Bryan

Drawing, Books, My Parents

Joy, Excitement, Fear

Spiders, Being Alone, More Spiders

Who beat Big Maths

To get a pet mouse and to turn 10.



Our Intro!

Hello! We’re in P6 and P7! One of us likes mainly reading in our spare time and the other likes watching videos and blowing things up(!!!) and going on Google, and we both like making comics, and playing with Lego.

One of us has a ton of chickens and a dog, while the other has 2 dogs and 2 cats(how they get along is a mystery!), 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, and NOT 2 fish, 1! And a hamster(again, NOT 2!).

We both enjoy this Blogging Bootcamp thing. One of us has done a blog, the other hasn’t.