About Sandhead Primary School.

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Sandhead Primary School is a small rural School about 10 miles south of Stranraer, in the south west corner of Scotland.

There are three primary classes and a nursery at Sandhead, with roughly 80 pupils attending.

The Head Teacher is Mr Maxwell and the other members of staff include Mrs Topping, Miss Creighton, Mrs Cosh, Mrs Campbell, Mrs McCulloch, Mrs Archibald, Miss McNeil, Miss Dickson and Mrs McClintick. We also have Mrs Service, Mr Livingston, Miss Bryden, Miss Erskine and Miss Greenhill who help with the running of the school.

Our Specialists are; Mrs Copeland and Miss Taylor.

We are an Eco School.


This is a picture of the back school taken by some of the pupils that work in the glow group. From this picture you can see the lunch hall where most of the pupils eat their lunch at our school we have school dinners that are provided for us and home pack lunches that we bring in from home and have it at lunch time.


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    my teacher is called mis sloan .she is very funny teacher

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