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April 15, 2024
by Mrs Baillie

Guess who?!

Miss Douglas and Primary 1-4 had a real life game of “guess who” today. 

This afternoon the class were set the task of working in groups to describe people in class and the others had to guess who was who.   This was part of their science learning and teaching all about physical attributes.  BUT, without telling the class the REAL Miss Douglas left the classroom and was replaced by the OTHER Miss Douglas – her identical twin sister!  The other Miss Douglas is also a Primary teacher and was talking the class for this activity this afternoon.  The other Miss Douglas is currently teaching in Australia but paid a visit to the class at Kirkcolm this afternoon.

Mrs Baillie and Mrs Macpherson were in on this trick and kept a close eye on proceedings as some of the more observant pupils began to question if there had been a change of teacher. 

Both Miss Douglas’ were wearing exactly the same outfit and hairstyles.  But some children spotted a slight change in the voice of Miss Douglas (the second).  Others were oblivious to the fact that their temporary class teacher was a completely different person!

The big reveal came as one pupil described Miss Douglas their class teacher, and others had to guess who it was.  Miss Douglas, the Kirkcolm teacher, then jumped into the room saying “it’s me!” – to which many pupils were confused doing a double take- looking at them both!

Have a look at the photographs – can you tell which one is the Miss Douglas you have all of the time at Kirkcolm?

Which Miss Douglas is which?

Is the real Miss Douglas on the the right, or on the left?!

March 22, 2024
by Miss Douglas

From Searching for Easter Eggs to Searching for Litter!

This afternoon we swapped egg searching for litter searching! We ventured out into the community on a little litter pick along with some kind parents who joined us.  🚮 🚯
We split into two groups. One group went up towards the top of the village and the other stayed at the bottom. We kept a keen eye out of rubbish and found some litter hot spots, collecting 5 bags worth! 😮
Although I would have said Kirkcolm was a beautiful and clean community before this afternoon, its just become even more sparkly clean thanks to the boys and girls of Kirkcolm School!
A huge thank you to Kerry, Louise, Jodie, Sara and Mrs Richardson for accompanying us on our litter pick!
Keep an eye out for our litter posters which Andrew Hay our Community Safety Officer will be displaying around our wee village! 👁

March 22, 2024
by Miss Douglas

Our Easter Egg-Stravagnza!!

We carrot believe how busy this week had been!! 🐰🥕After all of the excitement of the show this week the boys and girls managed to muster up the last of their energy to have a fun-filled final day of term! The house captains had lots of Easter activities planned, including an Easter egg competition. We have lots of creative and imaginative entries which made judges decision a very tricky one indeed! 🥚🐣 You could tell how much time and effort had gone into designing and creating these egg-cellent boiled eggs, so a big well done must go to everyone who took part! After a close inspection and much deliberation the winners were…
P1-4 James Johnstone
P5-7 Ruby McMillan
We took advantage of the nice weather while it was here and headed outside for an Easter egg hunt, organised by our very own Easter bunnies a.k.a the house captains! 🐰 This proved a lot more difficult than first imagined and after finding most off the eggs (and even some mysterious empty wrappers 😂) we decided to call it a day! So, if you are looking for anything to do tonight and you’re feeling up to the challenge, there are still 3 eggs somewhere in the playground.. 🍫🥚
There were two large, golden eggs up for grabs, these were located by Arran and Ivan, and as the saying goes “finders keepers”. The rest of the eggs were shared out in the classroom while both classes took part in some Easter art! 
A big thank you to our house captains for organising a great day for everybunny 🐰
An egg-cellent end to an egg-cellent term!

March 21, 2024
by Mrs McHarg

Valiant Villagers in Viking Show

You’d have thought that 1 stage production would be enough for the pupils of Kirkcolm Primary – but not for our P5-7s! Despite finishing their own school show the night before, our senior class headed to the Ryan Centre on Thursday to work with the Scottish Opera and star in another performance, titled ‘Vikings! The Quest for the Dragon’s Treasure.’

Alongside their school show songs and lines, they’ve been busy learning another set of songs and moves throughout the term in preparation for today.

This performance saw us work alongside pupils from other schools – Leswalt and Portpatrick were the Sorcerers; Sandhead were the Vikings; and Kirkcolm and Drummore were the Villagers. We spent the morning being led by our Scottish Opera performers, who guided us in pulling the whole performance together. After lunch we got our costumes on which helped us to get into character and had a dress rehearsal, ready for our audience-worthy performance just 10-minutes later. 

The story told of the Sorcerer Supreme, the Queen’s advisor who was power-hungry and had been planning to overthrow her. He and his Sorcerers trick the Queen’s Vikings into stealing what they thought was a dragon’s treasure. The Villagers, led by the Farmer, warn them of enraging the dragon and convince the Queen to return the gems – however, they realise that one of the gems is actually a dragon egg and are set upon by the dragon. After reuniting the baby dragon with it’s mother, the story ends with a plot twist as it’s revealed that the Sorcerer Supreme kept one of the “gems” as a souvenir and now the Dad dragon is about to descend upon everyone.

We had an absolutely brilliant day working with the Scottish Opera teaching artists – a huge thank you to them for all of their hard work in helping us to pull it all together.

Our P5-7 pupils have worked their little socks off this term! 1 more day until their well-earned holidays!

UNCRC Article 31 – Right to take part in creative activities. 


March 21, 2024
by Mrs McHarg

Cinderella & Rockerfella

Kirkcolm Primary pupils put on a spectacular show on Wednesday – not once, but twice -to a packed out hall of friends and families. The pupils have been working really hard over the last few months to learn their lines and the songs, and perform with gusto – and their hard work certainly paid off!

‘Cinderella & Rockerfella’ put a modern, panto-style twist on the traditional Cinderella tale. The story starts with Rockerfella (a music artist formerly known as Prince Charming) coming to town to appear in concert. Sadly, Cinderella is unable to go – she’s been given far too much housework by her Ugly Sisters! Soon, Rockerfella decides he wants to quit show business to find the girl of his dreams.

Fairy Nastyboots tries to thwart any possible romance throughout the show. She hatches a plan to bring misery to Cinders, but the welly-wearing Fairy Brigade thankfully avert disaster with the help of Buttons’ talking dog, Teaser.

The Ugly Sisters then receive invitations to an after-concert ball. After a little help from the Fairy Godmother, Cinderella attends and falls in love with Rocky. After leaving her shoe behind when the clock strikes 12, Rocky eventually manages to find Cinders and the shoe fits perfectly!

The story ends with Rocky’s manager finding the “Next Big Thing” in Buttons and his talking dog; the Fairy Brigade taking on the challenge of making over the Ugly Sisters; and Cinders and Rocky living happily ever after!

The audience were thoroughly entertained throughout and there were plenty of opportunities for audience participation from the outset – goodies to cheer and baddies to boo! Every single pupil was a star and we are very proud of them!

If you didn’t get the chance to come and see the show or want to re-live it all over again, the video has been uploaded to our YouTube channel here – Cinderella & Rockerfella Show

March 19, 2024
by Mrs McHarg

Rugby Fun!

P5-7 have enjoyed a 4-week block of rugby with Neve and Niamh from Wigtownshire Rugby club.

Pupils have learned the basic of rugby and participated in lots of activities and games to help develop our agility and strength, and our skills in tackling and passing the ball.

Despite the mud, they got stuck in and had a blast!

March 19, 2024
by Mrs McHarg

Tending to our Trees

Norval Dampney from Incredible Edibles popped into school on Tuesday afternoon to tend to the orchard that was planted last year. Some of our Eco committee and other P5-7 pupils went with her to give our trees some TLC!

Norval explained to pupils that we need to clear the bottom of the trees from grass and wild plants to give the trees less competition and more of a chance to grow. Pupils set to work and also laid down cardboard and bark around the base of each tree to give it more nutrients.

Pupils learned that there are more microbes in 1 teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people in the whole world!! Hence the need to make sure our hands are clean when we come in from play times and particularly before eating.

We look forward to watching our trees grow and eventually harvesting the fruit in years to come!


March 19, 2024
by Mrs McHarg

New Sports Kits

Our Parent Council recently applied to the Council’s Community Wishlist program and were successful in receiving funding for new sports kits for the school.

19 kits arrived last week and have already been added to our PE equipment! We can’t wait to get the kits out, especially to help with our sports day prep in term 4!

March 18, 2024
by Mrs Baillie

Dumfries and Galloway badminton success!

Another congratulations must go to our dynamic badminton duo of Jack Howie and Ivan Turtle who travelled all the way to Dumfries this weekend to take part in the Dumfries and Galloway badminton competition.  After success in the Stranraer cluster, and then Wigtownshire, the next challenge for the boys was to take on the best badminton players of Dumfries and Galloway.

Both boys stepped up to the challenge.  Although Jack won some of his games, he did not managed to make a podium place.  Ivan Played well and hitting the shuttlecock so well he ended up runner up after the final – Ivan was second in the Primary 6 competition!

Well done to both boys for their tremendous badminton success and effort this year – we are very proud of you!


March 15, 2024
by Miss Douglas

A bunch of Red Nosed Mad Scientists at Kirkcolm!

Today have a jam packed day of fun at Kirkcolm! We arrived dressed in our red gear, sporting some red, funky noses and some totally whacky hair doos in aid of Comic Relief! Overall Kirkcolm raised a whopping £88.50 – all going to a fantastic cause 🔴!
We then swapped our red noses and red clothing for some costumes as we had a full dress rehearsal of our show in preparation for next week adding the finishing touches and finesse ahead of the performance of Wednesday.. the excitement (and the nerves) are setting in now, the countdown is ON! 🎤 💃🕺
In the afternoon we welcomes mummies, daddies, grannies and grandpas into the school to involved and get their hands dirty (very dirty actually) with some science fun! There were lots of science based skills being developed along with lots of smiles and giggles 🙂⚗👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🔍🔬
The little class enjoyed:
-playing with some oobleck
-building kapla creations 
-artificial snow
-making our own bouncy balls 
-testing the magnetic properties of various objects 
While P5-7 were super hands on exploring lots of scienc-y concepts:
experimenting with oobleck
-coding and using Spheros 
-building spaghetti and playdoh towers
-developing their engineering skills with some catapult making 
A big thank you to all parents for their kind donations, it means a lot! And another big thank you to the parents who came along this afternoon to join in with the science afternoon which was a huge success – we had lots of smiley faces and messy red clothes leaving the building today, a sign of a great day! :🔴⚗👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🔍🔬
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