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October 1, 2021
by Miss McNicoll

Math Week Scotland

As you may of heard from the thrilling math activities your children have reported home about, this week was a bit of a special one; it was Math Week Scotland! We took the opportunity to do away with our regular proceedings for the week and inspire the pupils by reminding them just how important math is in our day to day lives!

Math in Movement 

P1-4 celebrated math by combining it with their P.E – they measured certain movements and actions using standard and non standard units of measure!

P4-7 used navigation and compasses to ‘move’ their way from the school to the Church by recording their directional changes and steps along the way!

Math in Bake Off

P1-4 decided to apply their math measuring skills to making some culinary treats for the school in the form of some Banana Loaf Muffins! They used measuring skills to make their cake batter and then recorded how long it took to bake.

P4-7 applied their cooking skills to pizza and after watch a NFU live lesson about how we source our pizza ingredients (with a lovely live cow birth thrown in there as well!) we then used our knowledge of fractions and measure to make our pizzas.

Maths at Work

P1-4 were looking at using money and how shop keepers exchange money for goods at shops. They had fun getting to grips with recognising the different coins and designing their own menus.

P4-7 were looking at how we use numeracy in different jobs with Mrs Ramsay, exploring different STEM Ambassadors and the role numeracy plays in their day to day work. They even had a shot at dealing with their own budgets as Rollercoaster Tycoons CEO’s.

Fun Math Roadshow 

On Thursday, the entire school was treated to an input from the Fun Math Roadshow Crew. They got to grips with lot’s of problem solving activities and showed some real resilience in getting to the bottom of these math problems! Thank you very much to the D&G STEM team for coming in to deliver this session to the pupils across our wee Trio!

For our final Math Week day, we couldn’t say no to such a bright and sunny day amidst all this rain so both classes joined forces and ventured outside for a Math Nature Trail in the school grounds. It was a lovely wee math activity that really got them thinking and it was the ideal way to round out the fabulous week of learning!


September 22, 2021
by Ms Whorlow

UK Parliament Officer Visits Kirkcolm

As part of our Local and National Government topic, today we welcomed Aimee Dobie, the UK Parliament Outreach Education Officer.  We linked our activity to the UNCRC Rights of the Child and DYW (Developing the Young Workforce).

This built on the visits from Emma Currie, who spoke about her experiences with the Scottish Youth Parliament, Caroline Schofield who delivered a session from the Scottish Parliament and the work we have done in class this term. We have had a very busy and informative time!

Aimee had created a fun, informative PowerPoint to tell us more about the role of the UK Parliament and she also had a video message (created just for us!) from Alister Jack who is the MP for Dumfries and Galloway and the Secretary of State for Scotland.

We chatted about the skills required to be an MP (linking these to Employability Skills) , the importance of Parliament – why it is important- and what we can do to help our class and community now and in the future. The children learned how our laws are there to support us for our social and economic health; such as in education, healthcare and employment (UNCRC Article 26). Additionally, we learned about the cross section of experts that are invited to sit in the House of Lords from different career specialisms and industries; representing a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and genders. We also talked about how this linked to our very own Pupil Council and Eco Committee. Democracy at Primary School level (Article 15 – setting up and joining groups).

Many thanks to Aimee for an informative afternoon!

September 22, 2021
by Miss McNicoll

A Spot of Rugby in the Sun!

The upper class of Kirkcolm has been lucky enough this year to have the gentlemen from Wigtownshire Rugby Club coming to our school again to deliver some taster sessions in Rugby for the boys and girls!

Many of the pupils in the class already attend rugby training on the Sunday and it is a very popular sport in our wee school community. The boys and girls got to grips were certain games to practise their touch rugby skills and with a few more sessions ahead of them they will have plenty of time to develop their skills and we can build up to a proper wee game!

If any of the boys and girls would like to pursue this or feel they have found their passion – Rugby takes place every Sunday is the ruby park on London Road. There will be a taster session on Sunday the 3rd of October!

September 22, 2021
by Miss McNicoll

Our Eco Committee

A warm welcome to the new found Eco Committe this year who will work hard and tirelessly to keep up our Eco School status, maintain that green flag and keep this school looking and feeling green and fresh!

Our committees have already done so much work in maintaining the litter issues in the playground and looking into different ways we as a small school and community can make a difference in our own way and we are all excited to see what they are in store to achieve this year…

The full gang altogether…



September 22, 2021
by Miss McNicoll

Our Pupil Council!

A very warm welcome to this years pupil council is in order!

Well done to all the boys and girls for applying themselves to take on these extra responsibilities in the school – all for the greater cause of making our school the best it can be!

The council standing altogether…

We can’t wait to see what great things you all achieve this year!


September 12, 2021
by Ms Whorlow

Eco Schools Achievement

Kirkcolm Primary has yet again been successful in achieving Eco School Status!








In order to achieve our eco-flag renewal, the boys and girls had to demonstrate ecology and sustainability on the elements of Litter, Water and Food & The Environment. Even prolonged periods of remote learning couldn’t hold our pupils back, as they continued to work on these targets with home challenge projects set by Mrs McHarg.

Eco Schools Scotland were particularly impressed with the evidence presented by the children and praised their initiative.  We are very proud of our Eco Heroes.



See below to read extracts from a copy of the letter we received from Eco Schools Scotland:

Congratulations to everyone at Kirkcolm Primary School for achieving your 2nd Eco Schools Scotland Green Flag. I really enjoyed reading your application this morning and it was great to see the fantastic range of evidence that you submitted to support your application – I really liked the fact that you had planned your actions to ensure that they had a clear link to not only your chosen Sustainable Development Goal but also, many others. You have really thought about this and your evidence clearly demonstrates what you have achieved. Your evidence is something that we would be keen to share with other schools as an example of good practice.

I appreciate that it will have been a very challenging year and it was great to see how you adapted your plans to be able to keep working towards renewing your Green Flag.

We also noticed aspects of your work as being examples of good practice. We may use these on our website and social media as case studies to support other schools with their EcoSchools Scotland work. While reviewing your action plan and supporting evidence there are lots of things that have gone very well and that you should be very proud of.

I like the examples you provided of how you carried out your environmental review and then selected you action points, this was a great way to let us see that everyone was involved. I enjoyed the work that the p4-7 class did while they were studying water, the work that the pupils produced looks fantastic and I’m sure will have a very positive impact. I love your rainwater collection system and what a great idea to have pupils keep a water diary. I bet a few people were surprised by their results.

Like many schools you made the decision to add Eco Schools tasks to your home learning activities during lockdown, this is a really great way to keep everyone involved and to have an impact out with the school grounds.

The work that you have taken forward in your food and environment topic is very impressive. Your school garden development looks fantastic and It was great to see that you were also thinking about where the food we consume comes from and the food miles associated with this and then exploring how food could be produced more sustainably. Also, great to see you enjoying your One Planet Picnic.

Our team may use aspects of your work as examples of good practice on our website and social media to support other schools during their applications.

Congratulations once again, on behalf of the whole of the Education and Learning Team, we wish you every success as you move on to your next application.

Daniel Barrie
Keep Scotland Beautiful
Education and Learning Manager
Keep Scotland Beautiful


Our pupils will now continue our eco journey by selecting new elements to work on for the next two years.  As part of our commitment to Learning for Sustainability, Global Goals and Articles 12, 13, 15 & 29 of the Rights of the Child, our newly elected Eco Committee will help steer the way forward.

# Effective Contributors & Responsible Citizens

September 8, 2021
by Miss McNicoll

House Captain Success!

It was the big day this week when we set about electing our House Captains for the year. Quite the big responsibility – these are the individuals in charge of the different houses: Soleburn and Lochnaw. The upper class were over the moon we could put to use all the skills and knowledge we are learning and studying as part of our new class topic on Democracy and how the Government works. What better way to start that forming the government and choosing the leaders of our own school!

House Captains have the challenge ahead of them of planning the big events throughout the year (especially as we can now have some events in schools!) and promoting good behaviour in their houses. All this adds up to Dojos which turn into Merits which turn into prizes for each house – exciting stuff!


Our 5 candidates had good time to prepare and were each ready to deliver a speech, stating their case on why they felt they were the best person for the job to the rest of the school before our secret ballots were cast. All pupils delivered fantastic speeches and really showed how much they care about the school and everyone in it.  It proved for a very tough vote for our pupils. We are very proud of all the P7’s for putting their best foot forward and, regardless what the result was, all of them would make excellent House Captain and leaders. But, like any good democracy, you can only have one winner… 

So… With a very close vote amongst them all, I am very happy to announce that the House Captains are: 

Corsewall – Taylor Smith

Loch Connell – Miley Adams

Congratulations House Captains! I am sure you will do us proud!

September 1, 2021
by Miss McNicoll

Miss Currie Comes to Talk Politics!

Finally – we are allowed visitors!!!

My goodness, it couldn’t of come at a better time. The upper class across both Kirkcolm, Leswalt and Portpatrick have just started their new topic of Scottish Politics – quite the tricky one!

So myself and Mrs Ferguson felt the needs to bring in the big guns… A political expert in the form of the lovely Miss Emma Currie to come and chat to the pupils and explain the inner workings of our Government and how it ranges from our Local Councillors all the way to the Mp’s and Prime Minister down in London!

Emma has been involved in politics from a young age and has down screeds of work from volunteering at her own schools pupil council (inspiring this realisation that we are the tools in our own quest for change!) and this has led to her further involvement and even basing her own university studies around it! A true inspiration for the pupils, both boys and girls!

Emma was an amazing asset, she was able to answer all the pupils questions and get them engaged in realising how important their involvement in politics can be, she told us about how the government is structured, what we mean when we discuss the served issues to the devolved powers to just what our own local council is in charge of.

She let us know all the ways we could get ourselves involved politics from volunteering to the most simple tasks such as just listening to the news and registering yourself to vote when you turn 16.

The boys and girls across both Leswalt and Kirkcolm had lots of great questions prepared to ask Miss Currie and she answered them extremely well and really enforced the idea that politics is something everyone can get passionate about but also that element of respect and respecting the views and opinions of others – something we have touched on a lot through our Health and Well-being lessons!

So, thank you so much Emma for helping us all – both pupils and teachers have learned so much from you and you’ve been a fab inspiration to us all!

Here are some photos of the visit…

August 19, 2021
by Ms Whorlow

Welcome To Our Brand New Primary 1’s

Kirkcolm Primary are delighted to welcome our new additions to our school team.  We are joined by:

  • Freddie
  • Gregor
  • Harrison
  • Ian
  • Ross
  • Rory
  • Joey

The boys looked very smart in their school uniform, as you can see from the photograph:








From the moment they arrived until they left at Three O’Clock, the boys smiled the whole day!

Miss Douglas had the lovely idea of capturing the ‘move-up’ day moment for all the pupils in her class.  Doesn’t everyone one look great!

The boys enjoyed making new friends with their schoolmates and had a great time doing lots of activities both indoors and outdoors.


Welcome to the Kirkcolm team boys!



June 25, 2021
by Ms Whorlow

One Planet Picnic

Leswalt & Kircolm Primaries held a combined One Planet Picnic in the fresh air today as part of our last day fun.  The theme is ‘Good For You, Good For The Planet‘. This year, we worked very hard on reducing our single use plastic waste and snacking in a more environmentally way.

The initiatives we undertook were:

  • We packaged our lunches in recyclable paper bags
  • Our healthy fresh fruit offering was unwrapped to reduce waste
  • Our milk was supplied with paper straws instead of plastic
  • Children bought their reusable water bottles
  • Our take-away burger rolls were packed into recyclable paper bags.

Everyone enjoyed the alfresco social time as part of our last day.  There was lots of chatter and smiles from the boys and girls.


The children sorted our waste into three recycling tubs: food, paper and plastic, making sure there was no litter left behind.


The first, smallest bag on the left is food waste to be put on our compost heap, the second largest bag is paper waste to recycle and the third, smaller bag is plastic waste which we can also recycle. You can see from the photographs how little plastic and food waste there was compared to recyclable paper material.








We then placed the waste into the correct bins to be processed by Dumfries and Galloway Council.








# Responsible Citizens

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