Beach Art with Buddies!

What a lovely get-together Leswalt pupils enjoyed this afternoon when we all headed down Fisher’s Lane to the beach. Older and younger pupils buddied up and chatted on the walk down to the shore where they were put into teams of 4 and given the design task of creating the school name using natural materials! Well, what an imaginative bunch we have; from sandcastle letters to shells, driftwood to razor shells depicting the school badge – our team of intrepid designers came up trumps! Have a look at our beach fun below… A top afternoon of Eco art and design with friends!


Welcoming Our New Pupils To Leswalt Primary

Leswalt Primary are delighted to welcome our new additions to the Leswalt school team.  We are joined by two little ladies and and a young gentleman : Emma, Ellie & Bobby who had their very first day in Primary 1 today.

They  looked very smart in their school uniform, as you can see from the photographs:











Our P1’s enjoyed getting to know their new teacher, Mrs McKnight, and they had plenty of opportunities to make lots of new friends.


Emma, Ellie and Bobby have a had a busy time enjoying stories, art, P.E., yoga and more.  We think they may be tired tonight!