End of March lockdown begun,

That meant schools were closed, so no more fun.

Nobody knows how long it will last,

But I hope and pray it goes fast.


First few mornings were spent with Joe Wicks,

Working out and learning new tricks.

Four days in, and I am super sore.

I think I would rather stay in bed and snore.


In the mornings I walk the dog, ready to start my morning slog.

Doing school work is not the same, without all the fun and games.

I miss my friends and I miss my class

How much longer is this going to last?


Outside painting and moving gravel,

Suns out, pools up, time for a paddle!

Easter comes with painted eggs,

Family quizzes to see who is best.


Making soups and baking scones, learning tiktoks to

different songs.

Family time and movie nights,

What to watch causes fights!


Thursday nights we stand out and clap,

Say hello to our neighbours and then that’s that.

Doing jigsaws and hopscotch with mum,

Waiting on our online shopping to come.



Across the road a lady from afar,

Looks after her sheep and lives in her car.

We fill her flasks every day,

To keep the baby lambs hunger at bay.


I really miss my teachers at school,

Hoping this time at home doesn’t make me a fool.

My parents at home are trying to teach,

Making goals that I can reach.


On my phone 24/7,

Chatting to my friends feels like heaven.

Let’s put an end to this awful covid-19,

Allowing me to meet up with family and friends I have not seen.

Hopefully, this virus will eventually clear –

making 2021 a better year!



By Chloe Kennedy, p6 Leswalt Primary


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