Head Sense not Nonsense! A Compass presentation comes to Leswalt.

This morning, Leanne from Compass (Brain Injury Specialists Ltd) visited both classes to lead the pupils in a presentation and discussion about the importance of wearing a helmet (on bikes, quads, dirt bikes etc) and the consequences linked to brain injuries.

The children discussed why sometimes people don’t wear helmets and Leanne reinforced the important job the helmet does in protecting our brain. She had a ‘jelly’ brain to pass around so that the children could envisage what was inside their skull! She also shared some fun brain facts: an adult brain weighs about a bag and a half of sugar, a jelly fish has NO brain and a brain cell is called a neuron! We actually have 100 billion neurons in our brain – if we started counting all the neurons in our brain it would take a staggering 3176 years! Our brains are like our very own super computer, and that’s what makes us really smart!

Leanne talked to the pupils through what each part of the brain does; and the pivotal role played by the frontal lobe in making us the individuals we are.

She highlighted the need to drink plenty of water, sleep well, eat healthily and get plenty of fresh air to help look after our brains. Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables are fantastic for helping to ‘feed’ our brain!

Compass visits schools to raise awareness of helmet safety and do, in fact, provide free helmets to those who need them. The short video which concluded the  P4-7 presentation told the story of a little boy who hadn’t worn his helmet and was left with an acquired brain injury which changed his life.

It’s not cool to be the fool: wear your helmet!


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