Welcome to the Grove Academy home learning portal.
As we continue our jorney towards the new normal we are keen to keep up the good practice started through the Grove home learning portal.

This site pulls together access to all MS Teams for pupils and contains up-to-date information for parents and carers wishing to support learning at home.

MS Teams for students

Is your child not sure how to use Teams? Microsoft EDU have just released this new Guide to using Teams.

Our latest news page contains information for parents and carers. Further information can also be found here.
IT Issues

We are aware some families are experiencing technical issues accessing the online resources required to complete school work. To try and help remedy some of these issues we have launched our own Grove Technical Help.

The links below provide access to class materials. These links contained within specific departments pages are for pupil use only. These will pupils to relevant Teams, work and activities.

Extra Curricular