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Welcome to Computing Science.

This term brings the return to online learning. Class materials, tasks and progress checks will be posted in the teams below.



S1-2 classes will be provided with weekly tasks. These task should take approximately 50 minutes to complete.

It is recommended that pupils aim to work on each subject when they would be timetabled in school. During this time a teacher will be available in the team to answer any questions.

However, due to internet connection issues or other needing to use the computer this may not always be possible. To address this all tasks will be posted on a Monday morning and can be completed at anytime during the week.

S3 pupils will be provided with three periods of work per week. This will be posted on a Monday morning and can be completed in any order during the week. As with S1-2, a teacher will be available in the S3 teams at the times when they would be in class in school.


Senior Phase

As we progress towards the end of the session pupils will be provided with a range of materials, tasks and practice assessments to both cover new materials and revise the course as a whole.

The current plan is still to hold a final written exam and practical assignment in school before the end of the session. Given the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the current lock-down it is unfortunately not possible to give an exact date for these assessments.


Getting help

Remember your teacher is here to help. However, if you have a question when you are not in the same physical room teams helps. You can always post a message in a chat or send an email to your teacher.


The following links give pupils access to their Computing Science online classes.





  • 4F NPA Cyber and Games level 5 – MS Team
  • 5B National 5 or Higher Computing (you need to access both of these):
    • Mr Pyott’s MS Team (Systems and Software); and
    • Mr Reilly’s MS Team (Database and Web)
  • 5C NPA Computer Games Development Level 6 – MS Team
  • 5C NPA Cyber Security Level 6MS Team


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