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Welcome to Music and Drama.

Welcome to the online learning area for the Music and Drama Department at Grove Academy.  Your Drama  teacher will upload relevant learning resources and activities for you in the appropriate Team or on Show my Homework. Additional links to websites which support your learning are also given here.

Your teacher will be available online during your timetabled music periods. This is your opportunity to ask questions, request additional support or get feedback on any work covered.
Getting help – Remember even in a distance learning course  your teacher is still here to help. However, as you are not in the same physical room we can’t see when you are needing help. You can always post a message in a chat or send an email to your teacher.

Remember to switch ON your notifications so that you are aware of any communication from your teacher
It is important that you establish your own schedule to cope with the demands of working at home. Remember to build in time for rests, exercise and fresh air – so important!!

Some tips for home study:

  1. Get changed out of your pyjamas! ( or at least change into your school ones!)
  2. Create a morning routine. …
  3. Maintain regular hours. …
  4. Have a dedicated study space if you can.
  5. Build a study  plan. …
  6. Take regular breaks. …
  7. Ask for help when you need it. …
  8. Keep connected.

Below you will find information on how to access all your online learning. This virtual site will be the main channel for learning and teaching and for communication for the foreseeable future. This site will be updated regularly and so it is important that you get into the habit of checking in , as per your timetable, and completing the work set

Please make sure that you have your notifications on for Show My Homework and for Teams.

To keep up to date with the latest news from Music and Drama, please follow us on Twitter@grovemusicdrama 

Use the links bellow to access materials for your c


Use the links below to access materials for your class.


3E Drama – Mrs Crabb

3F Drama – Mrs Crabb

3H Drama – Miss Fox

National 5 Drama

4F- Miss Fox 

4E – Mrs Crabb

S5 and 6 Higher Drama Miss Fox

AH/NPA Drama Mrs Crabb

Creative Industries levels 5 and 6. Mrs Crabb/Miss Jack