17.06.21. Fettercairn Nursery News

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of another academic year. It has been a challenging year, with the covid lockdowns and all the restrictions, but staff have strived to keep things as normal as possible for the children. I just want to thank the staff for all their hard work over the last year.

Our ethos at Fettercairn Nursery is very much to be led by the children’s ideas and interests, we plan both responsively and intentionally a wide range of activities and experiences to meet the children’s needs. We hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse through the nursery newsletter of just some of the great activities and experiences your child has been involved in.

Woodland Wednesday

This week saw Yellow Group going to the woods. Some of the children decided they wanted to paint pictures of Rainbow Coloured Unicorns to decorate the forest area. After painting their colourful paintings (See some photos of their artwork at the bottom of this newsletter) They decided they wanted to put up their artwork on the surrounding trees. Before we left the woods, we pretended we were in a forest art gallery. We walked around as each artist talked about their painting. Lewis had an idea to build a tent. All the children joined in working as a team to build a tent. The children decided to have snack under the canopy. Last week Joshy asked if we could have a smoothie in the woods this week. Mrs Dubber kindly made some smoothie and the children said they were delicious!!! They had fun guessing what fruit was included.

Red Group wanted to do an obstacle course at Gym. Miss Riley P6/7 teacher brought in a few new pieces of equipment for the children to include in their obstacle course. They had a great time!

On Monday the children were learning a little bit about Scotland and watched a little bit of the football match.

Transition P1

On Wednesday Afternoon, Mrs Keal arranged a Teams Meeting with the current P1 Class and Mrs Smith. This was a great transition activity. The Nursery children had prepared questions, which were given to Mrs Smith beforehand. We started with a tour of the class, where they will sit, hang their coat, tray and the morning routine. We found out what happens at snack, lunch and playtime. What they will learn and many additional questions. It was lovely to see how confident and proud the P1 children were at showing the nursery children around and also sharing what they do and some of their routines.

Road Safety

Mrs Keal also read a story ‘Ziggy Starts School’ to all the children. It is all about road safety, covering walking to school and wearing seatbelts. When Yellow Group walked to the woods on Wednesday, we talked about crossing the road safely STOP, WAIT, LOOK and LISTEN and make sure you can be seen by traffic. We will continue to focus on road safety in Nursery next term.


Reminders for Parents

Graduation – Wednesday 23rd June 2-3pm  Pre-schoolers Only

As a nursery staff, we would like to dedicate the above date for our graduates.   We would like to invite you to return to the nursery setting between 2.00 and 3.00 to watch your child’s graduation.

Due to recent guidance provided by the Care Inspectorate this week, this will take place on a smaller scale.  You will be provided with a 15-minute window of time to attend the graduation and will be given an opportunity to take a photograph of your child as they receive their scroll and a warm send off from the nursery staff.  Two invites per family remains in place.

Graduation Times


Kayla Wood, Layla Wood, Hamish Strowger, Blaire Currie


McGregor Archibald, Isobel Gascoigne, Sophie Regnier, Isla Stevenson, Lewis Ruthven


Maddie Simpson, Euan Argo, Lucy Pickup, Cecelia Marsh, Doogie McRobert-Carnie


Cole Gavin, Jamie Donaldson, Glen Moore, Sam Anderson, Joshy Leon, Jacob Whitelaw

Parents will be collected by a member of staff from the main school gate

We look forward to seeing you at the Graduation.


This will be the last Nursery News for this term. I want to thank all the parents for your continued support. We wish all the nursery children, who are moving onto P1 all the very best for the future and hope they have many fond memories of being part of the Fettercairn Nursery Family. We look forward to seeing the returning and new children in August. We wish Mrs Rae all the best as she goes on Maternity Leave.

Have a lovely summer break.

Mrs Keal, and all the staff team Mrs Rae, Mrs Wheat, Mrs Dubber, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Fraser and Mrs Craig


Artwork from the Forest

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