P6/7 September 2021

In Literacy we have continued to focus on our class novel – Holes. For our writing, we focused on creating a detailed description of the yellow-spotted lizard from the book. The children used expanded noun phrases to build up a picture of the lizard in the reader’s mind. This week we have started writing informal letters from the perspective of Stanley, the main character in the book.

Each spelling group is focusing on a different spelling pattern/rule each week, and we have been practising our words in lots of active ways!

In Maths last week, we were learning about place value to 1,000,000 and beyond. We learned how to round whole and decimal numbers. This week we have moved onto addition, and over the next few weeks will revise subtraction, multiplication and division.

On Monday we were very lucky to take part in a Health and Wellbeing workshop delivered by SCARF. This focused on physical and mental wellbeing – there was lots of great discussion about how we can keep our minds and bodies healthy.

We are continuing with our theme of friendship in health and wellbeing lessons, as well as having circle time discussions on responsibility and trust.

This week for topic we learned about Volcanoes. We focused specifically on the structure of a volcano, and after learning about it the children were tasked with creating a poster showing what they learned. We worked in groups where each child had a role, and we only had 30 minutes to complete the poster. As you can see, the children did a fantastic job on this task! Next week we will be learning about Earthquakes.


P1 Blog September 2021

Primary One have been revising the first set of sounds, making sure they can say, read, write, and do the actions for each sound. Those who have been absent in the first few weeks of term have had a chance to catch up. Next we will be making and reading words with these sounds.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been learning to use positional language in a variety of practical activities, and making sets of 3 and 4 objects.

In our topic ‘Me and My Family’ we have been discussing what we need to survive, including wants and needs. We had a virtual visit from ALEC where Harold the Giraffe taught us about ‘Happy Healthy Me’.

We have been talking about how we will celebrate Harvest as a school, Primary One are taking responsibility to organise this. We are making flags in Art to celebrate the Tour of Britain passing through Fettercairn.

Nursery – September 2021

We have had a very busy week in Nursery, the children played lots of games incorporating colour in Gym. We danced with scarves, practised our ball skill and played a colour corners game.

Woodland Wednesday was great fun, we talked about staying safe before we left Nursery. Everyone really enjoyed playing on the rope swing and playing pooh sticks on the bridge.

After a picnic snack we retold the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” the children acted out the story and we had lots of bears chasing Goldilocks out of the cottage.

On the way back to Nursery we saw the bunting on the Market cross and we talked about the special bike race coming through the village on Sunday.

P4/5 September 2021


Primary 4-5 have been learning about Scottish Geography and Landscape in our topic. We were learning about U-Shaped valleys left behind by glaciers in the ice age and had a look online at one in Glen Coe. We went for a walk around the village with Mr Gould, who is a geologist. He kindly volunteered his time to show us evidence of glaciers left behind in our landscape right here in Fettercairn! We learned about the red sandstone that is used in some of the buildings in the square that was brought down from the mountains thousands of years ago by glaciers.

(Some of this sandstone was used to build Mrs Hay’s house!)

Expressive Arts

Primary 4-5 used the knowledge they gained about glaciers to create some glacier landscape paintings in art. We spoke about the cool tones of the paint and used these to create a background of sea and sky, and then glaciers which we glued on top.


ALEC Virtual Session

On Monday this week, we enjoyed an online session delivered by Aberdeenshire Life Education Centre and the children recognised Harold the giraffe from previous in-school visits! Harold spoke to the children about keeping their brains and bodies healthy.

As always, if ever you need anything please feel free to contact me on jodi.riley@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

P2/3 September 2021

In literacy we have been writing imaginative stories with the focus of making our writing legible and combining words and pictures.  We have also been learning our spelling words through active games like word bang, word splat and hangman.

In numeracy we have been learning to identify the number before, after and between and have been playing ‘spin the wheel’ to reinforce this.  We have also been learning to count in 3s and have been making groups of 3 to support this and we have been sequencing numbers up to 10000.  For mental maths we have been playing around the world and are working together to beat our timer for counting up to 100.

Our focus in health and wellbeing is our feelings and we have identified lots of different feelings that we have and we are learning that it is ok to speak about our feelings.

In art we have created optical illusions and have learned that an optical illusion is an image which tricks our brains.  We have also made flags for when the Tour De Britain comes through Fettercairn with encouraging messages and pictures on them.

In p.e. we have been playing team games to encourage working together to achieve and we have carried out a guided obstacle course to link in with our topic in order to see what limitations there are without our sight and how we can help others keep safe.

P6/7 Blog Post

We have had a busy 2 weeks in P6/7 and the children are settling very well into routines.

This week we started our new class novel ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. As we explore the book this term, we will be learning about different reading comprehension strategies to help us develop a deeper understanding of the texts we read. We have analysed the front cover and the blurb to make predictions about the book – the children had some very interesting ideas

We have started the new term by focusing on Place Value in maths, initially on whole numbers to 1,000,000. Next week we will be learning about rounding whole and decimal numbers. We will also be covering shape this term.

On the first week of term P6/7 explored Children’s Rights and Responsibilities (UNCRC). As a class we agreed on the most appropriate Rights and Responsibilities we would like to focus on in the classroom, and this has formed our class charter.

This term in Health and Wellbeing, we will be focusing on making and maintaining friendships, as well as emotions.

In PE, we are focusing on golf with Miss Davie.

The children created fantastic self-portraits to display in the classroom. We created a mindfulness-inspired background, focusing on using lots of different patterns – we think they look great!

This term our topic will be Natural Disasters. We will complete a KWL to gather information about what the children already know, and what they want to learn.

If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me: erin.robbie@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

P1 Blog Post

Primary 1 have enjoyed getting to know each other, learning new routines and creating class rules.

In Heath and Wellbeing we have been finding out that families come in different sizes!

In Literacy we have started learning the first set of sounds and forming letters. We are focussing on using the correct pencil grip and strengthening our fingers by using pegboards and playing with construction and small world toys.


In Numeracy we are counting to 10, 20 and 30 and matching the numbers on dominoes. We have been learning about 3d shapes and the seasons of the year.

In Music we have been using our voices and in Drama we have been exploring the use of space and imagination. In PE we have played games outdoors.

P2/3 Blog Post

P2/3 have been sharing their interests with Mrs Strachan and we have been getting to know each other through ‘All about me’ activities and we have drawn our portraits.









We have discussed what our class charter should be and how we can be responsible, respectful and how we can support each other to achieve.

Our topic for this term will be our senses and we will be focusing on how they can help us to stay safe, how reliable they each are and what their limitations are.  We have brain stormed lots of exciting ways that we can learn all about our senses.

P4/5 Blog Post

Hello Everyone! We are settling in well to our new class, new classroom and becoming familiar with life in P4-5.


Primary 4-5 have started a class novel, ‘Saving Finnegan’ with Miss Davie. We are working on our active spelling methods during our soft start in the morning.

This week, the children have been gluing their words in their jotters using newspaper, using scrabble tiles and playing KABOOM, a game with lolly sticks.

We are working on our recount writing and are going to be working on second drafts of our recount writing. We are checking them against our steps to success and making improvements!

Modern Languages

Primary 4-5 have been learning about fruits in French! We have practiced saying ‘I like…’ and writing names of fruits too. We have been singing a song called J’aime Les Fruits – have a look and feel free to practice at home!


The class have also been playing number games in Spanish with Miss Davie.

Expressive Arts

We are building up knowledge of musical genre, theory and history. The children have listened to some famous compositions by Beethoven and shared their opinions and thoughts. We have been enjoying rocking out to “Nothing Else Matters”.


Health and Wellbeing

Primary 4-5 have been doing lots of team building activities now that they are back together as a whole class and are enjoying learning to work well with their peers.

This week, we built Hula Huts in the playground in teams of 3. Each hut had to have a base, walls and a roof. It was tricky, but we managed in the end!

What we have been learning in Nursery

This week in Nursery we introduced a new 10 Frame Registration Board. After finding their name and placing it on the 10 Frame. The staff support the children to subsidise (recognise a quantity without counting) the number of children who are in nursery. They also work out how many children are off. We will be doing lots of noticing and subsidising skills over the year, through activities and games to support the children’s number sense and calculation skills.

In Health and Wellbeing this term, we are focusing on feelings, emotions, being kind, how to be a good friend and similarities, differences and what makes us unique.

This week we also introduced a Feelings Board. The children put their name under Happy, Sad, Tired or Angry Characters and we use this as an opportunity for them to discuss how they are feeling.

On Tuesday, the children enjoyed their first Gym session in the hall. They loved the Animal Magic Game, with a wave of the wand Abracadabra whoosh! They turned into different animals. They had to think of how the animal moved and the noises it made. We were Monkeys, Snakes, Elephants, Butterflies, Sharks and Pigs rolling about in the mud. Great Fun had by all including the teachers!!

On Wednesday we went on a community walk around the village. We spotted the shop, café and the children wanted to go up the hill and see the church. We talked about the different shapes we could see on the church building. We continued through the forest exploring the textures of the tree trunks (rough /smooth and some with ‘knobbly bits’). Mrs Dubber told the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears in the Den. Then we walked back to nursery looking at some road signs along the way.

It has been a busy time in Nursery Settling in all the new children and getting them used to the nursery routines.