Room 12 makes chocolate oatcakes for Room 4i

Our topic was World War Two so we made chocolate oatcakes from a WW2 recipe. The recipe was written in ounces and we had to use lard instead of margerine. Before we started we washed our hands. We measured the ingredients and mixed them together with our hands. We rolled out the mixture and cut circles with cutters. We pricked the circles with a fork. We greased the trays to stop the biscuits from sticking to the trays. We shared them with room 4 from the infant building.

P4/5 makes peach muffins for Primary1

We decided to make peach muffins because our project was James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. We visited the Co-op and ASDA to look at the costs of the ingredients. We found that Asda was cheaper so Miss Stephen bought the ingredients there. First we chopped the peaches using a knife. Then we measured flour and caster sugar, cracked eggs, and melted butter. We mixed all the ingredients together with peach yoghurt, hot water, lemon juice and some marmalade. We spooned the mixture into muffin cases and baked them. After lunch we shared the muffins with primary 1. The ones who tried them liked them. We thought they were delicious.

Room 13 baked Oaty biscuits for Room 3

Last term we studied World War Two and baked 4 types of biscuits using rationing recipes. We voted to make oaty biscuits for Room 3. We went shopping to buy our ingredients. We were put in groups and each group baked a batch of the biscuits. First we whisked two egss, then we added sieved self raising flour. We mixed it and added fat, oats and baking powder with a spalsh of milk. When the mixture dough we rolled it on a floured surface so it didn’t stick and then we cut out rounds. We put the rounds onto a baking tray and baked them in the oven. We bagged them the next day when they were cool. Room 3 visited our classes and bought the biscuits and then they stayed for breaktime.

Room 10 bake spiced biscuits for Room 4.

Last term we were studing rationing in ww2.We had a look at the food they would have eaten and we learnt that there was a shortage of food. We decided to make spiced biscuits. First we went shopping for the ingredients, we had worked out the budget so we knew how much we could spend. Next we were split into groups to make batches of biscuits. We had to measure the ingredients and cut up the fat. We creamed the fat and the sugar together and then added syrup, ginger, flour and baking powder. We added a little water until a stiff dough was formed. We tipped that onto a floured table to stop it sticking and rolled the mixture out. Then we cut it into rounds. We baked it in the oven for 10 minutes. P3/4 came to buy and taste them.

P4, Room 5 make astronaut energy bars for Primary 1

First we washed our hands because we have had germs on them. We had to chop bananas and dates, we weighed out all the oats, raisins and dried fruits and then we mixed all the ingredients together with mashed banana and honey. We put greaseproof paper on baking tray and spread the butter on it. We scooped the mixture and flattened it into the tray. Miss Bordoli put all the trays in the oven. When the mixture was cooked we cut them into bars and packaged them. We put them in bags and sealed them to keep them fresh. In space, food is dehydrated to take up less room. When room 8 visited our classroom we all had a taste and they took some away.

Room 7 cook a Burns Supper for Rm 1

We went to the butcher to buy Haggis, neeps and tatties. We learnt about the journey of the tattie and the neep from harvest to cleaning, sizing and weighing, and then they are sold on. We learnt how to peel potatoes and to boil them. Then we mashed the neeps and tatties. Mrs Cruden put the haggis in the oven, wrapped in foil. While everything was cooking, we set the table. When the primary twos arrived, Logan and Amy cut the haggis while the address to the haggis was playing. The choir members sang the selkirk grace and we all tried some. Some of us were trying haggis for the first time. Louise thought it was delicious.

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